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    For Sale Everything you need in one

    I have am hanging up my winemaking cap. Have all of this plus more for sale as a group not individually. Carboys 4x5 gallln 2x3 gallon 2x6 gallon 4x 1 gallon 4x Half gallon 2 Speidel 20l fermenters 5 gallon hydraulic press Vinmetrica SC-300 with accessories kit Burn bono...
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    Pop Quiz - Yeast

    I have been co-inoculating my reds and I’ve had no problems. MLF completes by the time the wine is dry. Add your yeast then 24 hours later add MLB, make sure you have appropriate nutrients added too (opti malo plus) and it should work without a problem. This year I use D254 yeast and VP41.
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    Extended Maceration: 3 Weeks

    I did it before. used saran wrap going down the side and across the Cap With a large block of wood cut to fit the circular opening. You can buy one at Home Depot. I didn’t have any problems the first time I did this. The second time after a couple of weeks I thought I smelled some funny smells...
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    Cab with merlot and cab franc blend advice

    Thank you all, you have convinced me(what I already wanted to do) field blend it is. It’s hard for me to manage three separate fermentations and then pressing and storing everything separately. Thanks!
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    Cab with merlot and cab franc blend advice

    I will have 4 lugs of cabernet,1 Merlot and 1 cab franc. I am struggling with how to do this. Meaning do i just put it all together as a field blend or ferment them separately and then blend. Or a combination of both. My ultimate goal was to have a Cabernet with a little merlot and some cab...
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    Lanza Cabernet Grapes

    I will take that as you’re happy with the Lodi grapes considering the price
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    Lanza Cabernet Grapes

    Johnd, I am curious if you find a significant difference in the finished wine? I used non-lanza a couple years ago for a blend that I feel turned out rather week. I blamed it on the grapes but I think part of the problem was me and what I chose to make. Now I look at the Lanza Prices and...
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    pH and TA Madness

    WHAT COULD CAUSE THE TITRATABLE ACIDITY TO INCREASE DURING FERMENTATION? Winemakers are generally used to observing TA decreases during fermentation due to the precipitation of potassium bitartrate (KHT), which becomes less soluble with increasing ethanol concentration. When the KHT...
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    Cold Soak?

    I have done a few days cold soak, maybe 3 days. If you look online and in podcasts you will see alot of winemakers do it but the time frames vary. I think the most important thing is to keep it cold. Get Ice bombs, enough to be able to add them 2 times a day. So depending on the time of...
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    2020 Chilean Grape Plans

    Thanks, I will take a look. But if my chemical was getting old the numbers would be artifically higher so I am guessing these Chilean grapes are unusually low on acid this year.
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    ‘20 Spring wines (w/ crush pics)

    I am having he same issue with my Pinot. First run Ph was 3.85 and TA 2.8. I added total of 30 grams and it came down to 3.5 and TA of 4. I'm making this a rose and may consider adding some more.
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    2020 Chilean Grape Plans

    Yes I did use enzymes. I let it sit for 6 hours. I am going to purchase a small bladder press and not have this yield issue again. While I wanted more I think I ended up with about 4.5 gallons. So I tested my juice today and the Ph was 3.85 and the TA 2.8! i added 30 grams tartaric and...
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    2020 Chilean Grape Plans

    As always I say I am not going to do Chiliean wine this year then, I do. I decided to make a rose from Pinot Noir. The grapes looked beautiful. I crushed and pressed yesterday and its now settling in my fridge. I really need a bladder press. I only got about 4.5 gallons out of 90 pounds.
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    Another high PH

    So I measured again after pressing and the numbers came way down. 6.4 TA and 3.91 PH. Go figure
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    Another high PH

    I just bought the entire Vinmetrica set up this summer in May. So it’s almost 6 months old. I just bought new titrant but only because I’m almost out.
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    Another high PH

    My grapes came from California. Lanza Syrah, Grenache, Mouvèdre blend. I asked I added 2 g/L and based on 126 pounds I added about 70 g. I shot a little low. The next day I measured the pH and it came down to 3.75. The TA however shot up to 10 g/l. I’m hopeful that a lot of this will shake out...
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    Another high PH

    The TA is 6. I’m confident in the measurements, I measured it twice. I believe I do just have to roll with it and see how it goes.
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    Another high PH

    My TA is six in my pH is 4.1, would you add tartaric acid? I’m at the must stage and haven’t started fermentation yet. I do plan on doing an MLF. I have seen some messages on here where people have added enough to take it up to 7 g/L just wondering how that worked out in the end?
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    Barrel or stainless steel tank?

    I just inoculated my chardonnay today and once that stops fermentiing I will be putting the barrel to use. It looks good to me. The company has been great thus far. I expect it will be good.
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    Chardonnay whole cluster press

    I just tried to whole cluster press and it didn't go so well with my small basket press. I ended up crusing and destemming, and then pressing. All in all I didn't get as much out as I would have liked. I have heard that in the past about the last squeeze imparting astringency but my new...