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  1. Ted Brumleve

    QA23 vs D47 for Whites (Chardonnay & Viognier)

    I bet the QA23 clears faster than the D47 lot.
  2. Ted Brumleve

    Reusable Wine Bottles

    It really is amazing how many used bottles you can amass by telling just 5 friends to save their empties for you.
  3. Ted Brumleve

    how did you start winemaking?

    My dear wife bought a winemaking hardware kit for my Christmas gift in 2013. She is to blame for my addiction.
  4. Ted Brumleve

    selecting a yeast strain

    I find it interesting that my Walker's LaCrescent white wine with QA23 cleared much faster than same vintage made with D47.
  5. Ted Brumleve

    Does wine must give off anywhere near dangerous levels of Co2?

    Read the book, "My First Crush" to better understand. Large quantities in small unventilated areas can be dangerous.
  6. Ted Brumleve

    Why I Hate Winemaking

    I love my wine making area, want to add the double sink in the basement, and I love the boat. Guess that makes me double trouble.
  7. Ted Brumleve

    What are you watching today?

    Season 1 and Season 2 of The Chosen. Up to Episode 6 Season 3.
  8. Ted Brumleve

    Walker Juice

    Walker's shipment arrived today at LHBS; delayed by the heavy snows. 10 gal LaCrescent, 5 gal each Seyval, Vidal, Frontenac Gris, and Vignoles.
  9. Ted Brumleve

    Hobbies other than winemaking?

    Bought an almost 50 year old 28' sailboat that I am rehabbing and learning to sail. Might get back to sprint triathlons.
  10. Ted Brumleve

    FastFerment Conical question

    If I see sediment on the conical sides,, I will drum my fingers about the conical for a few days to help those bits slide down into the bulb. Have stopped adding bentonite when using the conical fermenter.
  11. Ted Brumleve

    What R you doing today?

    Two 6 gallon buckets of freshly crushed and destemmed Chambourcin from 20 miles away, ~110#. Going to add yeast and nutrient this evening. And rob the kitchen of a potato masher.
  12. Ted Brumleve

    Walker Juice

    I don't know my final TA, don't measure. RC212 was my yeast. I don't do MLF. If it's too tart, I'll add a little potassium bicarb until the boss tells me it's ok.
  13. Ted Brumleve

    Your Fav Pinot Noir Kit?

    Good choice for dry red
  14. Ted Brumleve

    Fermentation vessels: Wide and low vs. Tall and thinner

    For commercial equipment, makes heat transfer more straight forward, and agitation. For home use, not a big deal. Both tall and thin, and short and fat, are frowned upon industrially.
  15. Ted Brumleve

    Fermentation vessels: Wide and low vs. Tall and thinner

    I design distillery equipment. Rule of thumb for fermenters is equal diameter to height.
  16. Ted Brumleve

    Wine Conditioner

    Carefully pull those corks. Some of mine shot up to the ceiling. My wife was not amused and it was more mess to clean up. Wrap a dish towel around to ease the corks out.
  17. Ted Brumleve

    Walker Juice

    I have 5 gallons of 2021 Baco Noir just about ready to bottle. My taste testers said there was a bit of fizz that needs to be removed. Their LaCrescent is very good. Trying to tame 5 gallons of Amorella also. LHBS normally makes the trip there in October.
  18. Ted Brumleve

    La Crescent Grapes

    Have made LaCrescent from Walker's two years in a row. It's a favorite. I prefer the QA23 to D47, but both work well.
  19. Ted Brumleve

    Other Recommendation for good white wine kit

    Ditto for the RJS Argentine Trio
  20. Ted Brumleve

    Reusing Screw Top Bottles

    I keep the cap with the bottle and let the sleeve remain. Not all the threads are interchangeable. Garth Brooks sings Ask Me How I Know.