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    Returning to winemaking after a twenty year break

    Apricot and fig plus Beetroot and Parsnip bottled up Sunday evening. Hopefully ready in five or six months. Will be scouting for recipes from the book titled “Making wines like those you buy”
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    The use of Rose Petals in a recipe

    I have spotted a few recipes in the book by Bryan Auto & Peter Duncan titled "Making Wine like those you buy" that include in some cases 280ml (1/2 pt.) Rose Petals or 280ml (1/2 pt.) elderflowers. Is there a basic method of sorts to convert the measure/weight to dried rose petals or...
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    Returning to winemaking after a twenty year break

    Just a quick hello from a winemaker who's returning to the craft after a break of over twenty years. Hopefully some lovely wines to be lovingly made in the near future. A tad rusty after such a break, but I have invested in the basics to start the hobby I so much enjoyed