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  1. RolandD

    Any geologists out there?

    My vote for shale, as well.
  2. RolandD

    New to Cider

    I bought a strainer bag for my Fermonster, but it's not really big enough for three pounds of fruit and it just floats on top. After trying it once, I've been running the fruit through an old juicer and dumping the juice and pulp right into the fermenter. With my most recent batch, I found that...
  3. RolandD

    New to Cider

    Dose first with Potassium Metabisulfite, wait twelve hours, then dose with Potassium Sorbate, wait twelve more hours, then sweeten.
  4. RolandD

    New to Cider

    I found that the Cider House Yeast produced a lot of sulfur in my cider, but that was before I started using nutrients. I've mainly used Lalvin D-47 and have begun to use Lalvin K1-V1116. It did great in a blueberry cider I just kegged.
  5. RolandD

    Chocolate Extract?

    So, I just kegged a Tart Cherry Chocolate Cider using Olive Nation's Chocolate Extract. I had initially ordered a 16 oz bottle of the extract, and performed a bench test when it arrived. My conclusion, then, was 7.5 ml per cup of TC cider. This comes out to 4 oz per gallon, which is about half...
  6. RolandD

    Carboy Handle

    Unfortunately, they'd never sell for what I had in them with my time and materials. I have quite a bit of paracord on hand from projects I've done over the years. The stainless steel ring is the only thing I had to purchase to make it. Thank you, I used a ruler to measure the placement of each...
  7. RolandD

    Carboy Handle

    I made my carboy carrier out of 550 Paracord. The big handles make it easy to lift and carry. That a seven gallon Fermonster which I used as a guide.
  8. RolandD

    EM with Country Fruit

    I recently made a mixed berry cider using 5.25 gal of store bought apple juice, 1 gal of Old Orchard Mixed Berry Juice and 3 lbs of Cherry Berry Blend frozen fruit. In the past, I've added the fruit after a week in Primary. This time I added it when I pitched. When I checked on it as I was...
  9. RolandD

    What in Grape Wine is Causing Migraines?

    She goes through a bag of grapes per week. No grape allergy, and it is all fermented grape products. She can drink grape juice just fine. As for histamines, wouldn't the histamines be present in grape juice, as well?
  10. RolandD

    What in Grape Wine is Causing Migraines?

    I add tannins to my cider and it doesn't bother her. All grape wines will give her migraines, commercial wines, red, rose`, and white. I add sulphites to my cider, as well, so it's not that either.
  11. RolandD

    Fresh pineapple wine question

    Be careful, my daughter and I didn't know we were allergic to pineapple until I made a pineapple cider. She almost when into anaphylaxis from a couple of sips. We both have a latex allergy. Turns out you can be allergic to a lot of different fruits, if you have a latex allergy.
  12. RolandD

    What in Grape Wine is Causing Migraines?

    My wife gets a migraine every, single time she drinks grape wine. I make ciders from store bought juice. She has no problems drinking my ciders, but the other day, the store didn't have enough cheap apple juice, so I got a couple of gallons of Concord grape juice just to try an apple/grape...
  13. RolandD

    Cherry Wine

    Last month, my wife and I, along with a group of friends, visited Pirtle Winery in Weston, MO. We all found their cherry chocolate wine delicious. I decided to try and recreate it in a cider. I already had a satisfying Tart Cherry Cider recipe, so all I needed was an efficient way to add...
  14. RolandD

    Cider maker in SW Missouri

    Near the end of August 2020, my wife and I got to talking about how grape wines give her a migraine, but fruit wines and mead don't seem to bother her at all, and how we always enjoyed homemade fruit wines and meads more than store bought. That same evening and the next morning I began to...