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    Black Rot

    My very mature 3 vines (common grape. I've called them Concord) in the back yard have been diagnosed having black rot. The most noticeable sign is spots on some of the green grapes. These turn into mummified grapes. The local agricultural agency made the diagnosis based on submitted photos. I've...
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    PVDC sealing screw caps vs. corks

    Most of my wine - 24 gallons so far this year - is consumed within 1- 1/2 years. I had been corking but recently discovered re-using twist top bottles. Reading up on those caps it seems they are threaded aluminum caps with a thin seal inside made from PVDC material which is proven excellent in...
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    Source for juice ?

    I picked up elderberry plants from Double A a few years ago. They are now in the prime of production for grape/elderberry blend.
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    ph during fermentation

    Thanks to all for this tremendous amount of information. I‘ll re-calibrate my ph meter. I will not adjust ph until fermentation is complete - if needed. I will check sg & ph daily for historical reference. I’ll test TA before bottling. I’ll post the results.
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    ph during fermentation

    Got a new ph meter for Christmas. Have been making Concord grape wine, kits & dandelion wine for years Ignoring acid levels. Started my first batch of dragon blood over the weekend. SG 1.102 ph3.55. Used EC1118. Today after stirring, SG is 1.062 & ph2.98. Was surprised in the change in ph. My...