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    Back Sweetening with fresh pressed grape juice

    My muscadine wine had been sitting for months. I pulled out some muscadines from the freezer, mashed/squeezed juice and made I guess what would be a fruit pack. I added to the wine with some pectic enzyme to help clear. 3 weeks later, it's clear and very tasty. The extra juice brought the...
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    Back Sweetening with fresh pressed grape juice

    thank you for your advice. I was going to use sorbate and K-meta anyway, so this seems feasible.
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    Back Sweetening with fresh pressed grape juice

    I was thinking about pressing the juice from the muscadines and then making a syrup out of it on the stove. Would that pasteurize the juice? Of course, I would be adding some sorbate to the wine.
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    Back Sweetening with fresh pressed grape juice

    I have about 4 gallons of muscadine wine that just finished primary fermentation…started at 1.100 and after primary, .988. I just racked to carboys for secondary. In a few months, after secondary is done and cleared, I would like to back sweeten with some muscadine juice. I have a little over...
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    Inexpensive wine storage

    I just make a small amount of wine, so I needed something to fit in the end of a closet. this worked fine for me. 75 bottles/ $63 from amazon.
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    Fig wine problems

    Yep. Let is sit. I'm wondering how the figs were added in primary. I have a small 1 gallon batch aging, but I used a fine mesh bag for my figs in primary. I then pulled them out after primary. This photo is after 4 weeks.
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    What's for Dinner?

    I'v got to try some flank steak! I also use sous vide method for cooking. this looks fantastic!
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    Retirement VS working

    I retired a little over a year ago. After 47 years, last 25 in a fast pace, moderate to high pressure environment. Within one week of retiring, my wife said, "you seem so different"! I've never looked back! I've learned to slow down and enjoy the moment. The hardest lesson learned was that...
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    that's what I'll do the next time! thanks
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    It isn't a youtube is from some natural food/drink site.
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    I joined the forum a while back to watch and learn. I've pretty much have been lurking. I've been making 1 gallon batches of different wines (and a couple of meads) to discover what my wife and I like. I recently tried out a recipe for Lemon/Lime/Basil wine (my wife loves all of those...
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    New from Alabama

    Hello Everyone! I "think" I'm getting ready to make my first small batch of wine. My wife and I have both recently retired, and so I find myself exploring new things to do. We have a few muscadine vines and were making jelly the other day, so I thought I should try some wine. I've been...