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  1. salcoco

    Wine on skins

    wine on skins should be mixed at least twice per day. final removal is once fermentation is complete and wine is racked skins are pressed.
  2. salcoco

    Decision on Fresh Italian Juice

    for the tannins I have had good luck adding 4 oz. dried elderberries to the juice.
  3. salcoco

    Need help making rose

    I would suggest fermenting separately then blend. More control over aromatic etc. I would also suggest 71B to retain aromatics.
  4. salcoco

    Apricot Wine Yeast

    buy 71B on Amazon
  5. salcoco

    101-14 Rootstock Phylloxera Question

    leaf phylloxera can be controlled with Seven
  6. salcoco

    Source for bottles and closure discussion try this
  7. salcoco

    Source for bottles and closure discussion

    Waterloo container will sell wine bottles in small quantities. shipping charges ae usually the turnoff. However they have the screw top bottle with a Sterling finish, this is the finish used for commercial screw top wines. screw top closures are available on amazon search for Novatech.
  8. salcoco

    What causes my wine to be sour? and

    suggest making a sweetener two cups sugar to one of waiter, take a number of wine samples either 60 or 100ml. add sugar in 1/4 tsp increments to the sample ie first -1/4p; second sample 2x 1/4p; 3rd sample 3x 1/4 sample do taste tests. repeat in 1/4 tsp increments as necessary, once...
  9. salcoco

    Name this fruit

    I believe this is a Japanese plum tree
  10. salcoco

    Need Some Trellis Advice

    my thought also. as the vines mature and more fruit the wire will sag and some tighting will be required each season.
  11. salcoco

    Transplanting vines

    mature vines can have roots 8ft deep and around the surface of the vine. if you can dig up and reserve a good amount of roots they may survive a transplant.
  12. salcoco

    Controling wind damage

    planting vines east to west is fine. The grapes will achieve highest sun exposure, Caution on the wine break as the shade does not reach the vines. you will receive lower growth and harvest because of the shade.
  13. salcoco

    WineXpert WinExpert Classic Sangiovese

    add 4 oz of dried elderberries to must to get some tannin
  14. salcoco

    Pneumatic Corker Using Portuguese Corker

    I decided to approach the corking in another way. I bought screw top bottles using the Stirling finish. found the screw tops on net. as you can see from the video Steve modified his corker to pneumatic. suggest contacting him for any advice.
  15. salcoco

    WineXpert Get the "kit taste" out

    potassium sorbate can be detected by some winemakers. it resembles bumble gum. if using suggest making some wines without
  16. salcoco

    Concord wine problems

    increase temp and stir every day
  17. salcoco

    grape phylloxera

    I always used SEVEN in my tanks mix
  18. salcoco

    Other FWK Bordeaux - High PH - Need Input from Experienced Wine Makers

    I would suggest double checking your method of sso2 measurement
  19. salcoco

    HELP! Need venison recipes!!!

    ground venison makes great meatballs
  20. salcoco

    Prize for most priceless question

    there are correction calculations on the Internet. start with Northern Brewer