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  1. PhilDarby

    Sparkling cider help needed

    Someone else will likely churp in here, but, I think roughly a teaspoon of sugar in each one liter bottle, is about right to make a sparkling drink (in general) also, the safest bottles are probably pet bottles, as in those plastic types that cheap cider comes in, they have a very high burst...
  2. PhilDarby

    What are you making and what have you made ???

    Gin appears to be mostly about mixed botanicals, as long as the juniper berries are the most up front flavour, so, that is basically my intended route for final flavour tweaking. Some of the stuff I have thrown in are well known in commercial gin and some i just winged (guessed). It might need...
  3. PhilDarby

    What are you making and what have you made ???

    I have been experimenting with a bit of a reverse engineered gin and tonic. The yeast is a 48 hour yeast (uk 48 was the one I have used, but, it doesnt really matter which one you use). The idea is to hit a decent abv so that some tonic water can be added when its done to bring the abv down to...
  4. PhilDarby

    banana wine recipe

    I have left some info of my experiences with bananas, as mentioned its very hard to achieve a real banana flavour I have found, when you think about it bananas themselves actually change in taste and texture, quite a bit, from plump and firm to a brown gooey mess, from past experience I have...
  5. PhilDarby

    banana wine recipe

    Banana is a weird fruit most flavours linked to bananas are hard to pull off, I have made several batches of banana wine, using different ideas, banana ferments very fast it also drops a lot of sediment, when young it looks like brown mud, but clears very fast, it drops small white, or brownish...
  6. PhilDarby

    Unsure, I am going to class my country wines as no or low grape.

    Ok so, I am sat here half pickled, I fancy starting a thread, about making none grape wines, AKA country style wines, this covers a hell of a lot of ground, is not meant for pure grape afficinados and is meant to be fun, to make and fun to drink, how you tweak etc, do you want to replicate...
  7. PhilDarby

    making a fpac

    I have found when making an fpac aka tweaking or blending, the simple rule is that whatever flavour you add last predominates, the overall flavour and if used with caution works well, to change the flavour the way you want, whether subtely or substantially, depending, on how much you add, use it...
  8. PhilDarby

    Why do you make wine at home?

    Many factors, firstly I can produce a drink to my own taste, I can add what I want, when I want, I can spend as much or as little as I want to invest, I can make drinks I know I cannot get any other way, I enjoy making something I have created and crafted myself. There is no rush and time is a...
  9. PhilDarby

    Sodium metabisulfite vs potassium metabisulfite

    potasium metabisulphate is the best to use period, sodium metabisulphate can produce salt as a by product, which is something you dont want, I am in the uk, but, I believe / suspect us legislation favours potasium over sodium, at least as far as I am aware.
  10. PhilDarby

    Going Commercial

    Good luck with your venture, hope it turns out well for you.
  11. PhilDarby

    Going Commercial

    Not sure how things stand in the US in the UK the main supporter of micro breweries is wetherspoons, it isnt easy to get into, as I believe you have to pay the tax up front, at least in the Uk, then the alcohol is bonded, in a warehouse, so, basically it needs money up front, I considered going...
  12. PhilDarby

    What R you doing today?

    Today I have been setting up my pc to run on linux mint cinnamon 18.3, I tried 19.1 but there is a problem with the new graphics drivers, the intermediate ones, not the nvidia ones, on the 19xx series. I am using legacy hardware, aka 9500 gt and q9550 cpu, which still works fine and is in fact...
  13. PhilDarby

    Post a photo, any photo

    most of my images are too large this is my friends racing team, which fits the bill, Aintree race course, uk, obviously the name is on the fairing. Although we have had the odd fall out he has been my friend for forty odd years and has done very well for himself ;-) to actually keep a friend...
  14. PhilDarby

    Stuck Fermentation

    rumon following on from my above post if you think it has stuck, try adding a bit more yeast, or, making a starter bottle and adding it, what ever you do, do not throw in tons of yeast like a friend of mine did, just the recommended amount, yeast is a living organism and will flourish in the...
  15. PhilDarby

    Stuck Fermentation

    I suspect its still fermenting very slowly, give it another month, or so, most of mine take 6 to 8 weeks to finish fermenting completely. A give away is if it is still cloudy looking and as you mentioned it tasting yeasty, try and leave it undisturbed for another four to six weeks, if you find...
  16. PhilDarby

    Wines with good aging potential

    My wine making style might not be typical, most of my batches are made from a combination, of concentrate and whatever real fruit I can get my hands on locally, some of the guys on here seem to do huge batches, where as I dont have the room, I typically make around 20 to 25 gallons a year...
  17. PhilDarby

    Safe to use plastic vinegar jugs to ferment grape juice?

    As others have said be sure to clean and sterilise well before use.
  18. PhilDarby

    Tasting Wine

    Have to agree with @ jswordy
  19. PhilDarby

    MLF turn red to rose

    From what I understand about mlf It can reduce red colouring so it looks more like a rose, but, personally I wouldn't worry too much it depends what you want from your wine, being honest most of my wine, even my reds turn out far lighter than I expect, Im not exactly sure why this is because, in...
  20. PhilDarby

    The Blueberry

    over here in the uk I tend to make basic red country wines, and if I want a blueberry wine flavour I add approx. 150 grams per gallon as an f pack (after freezing and thawing) and let it steep for about 14 days, blueberries this side of the pond are relatively expensive, but, in abundance, its a...