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    Other Tweeking Cheap Kits

    I have read this thread long enough and finally decided to take some action. Here is my experiment. I bought 2 kits of Luna Rossa, one is my control batch, the other I have tweaked. I started both of them a week ago and in the tweaked batch I added 1 c. of zante currants. Today I racked to...
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    All in One Wine Pump Giveaway!

    been pining for one of these for a looooonnng time. keeping my fingers crossed!
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    How long does it take most, to degass wine

    Aha! this is the post I needed. I have been wondering about the sugar to CO2 ratio and you just confirmed what I have been experiencing. My higher ABV wines take longer to degass. thanks for this.
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    Bottling Parties

    I don't think that you have anything to be sad about Elmer. Even if you can't put any of that wine away for when your daughter is grown, keep having her help you. She will have wonderful memories of helping dad make wine; and no doubt she will end up a wine maker as well when she is grown. You...
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    MultiGrain Bread Recipe using spent grains

    I have tried several different recipes breads made with spent grains -all were with less than satisfactory results. Thank you for posting this. I am going to give it a try. Every time I throw away the grains I die a little on the inside.
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    Coming up with a unique name for your wine labels

    Kate, you could try taking one of the names you like and running it through a translator on the internet for different languages. that is what I did and I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I started with German and italian because I was born in Germany and I just love the way the Italian...
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    Too new to know tastes - can you help?

    Thanks again for everything, and let me know how the one with 1/2 lime juice comes out because I sooo would like to try that.
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    NH Ameteur

    Baccus, it is nice to make your acquaintance. I would love to meet and exchange, however my schedule is pretty crazy as I work 2 jobs, and it would be hard for me to head off on a wine adventure like this. The store that you mention is a 2 hour drive one way :( I think to start I would love...
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    Too new to know tastes - can you help?

    Wow! a bit overwhelming but I will give this a shot. First - the taste is improving daily. Lucky me for having to taste test so frequently. I now know for a fact that there is still CO2 in the wine and that is the main issue with the taste. here is what has been going on: JJ - the stuff I...
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    Too new to know tastes - can you help?

    OK, I am going to give it my best shot. However I already know I made a ton of mistakes on this one.... Starting SG was 1.040 Day 5 I read SG at .990 - however I believe that Misread this because I racked over from primary to secondary and this thing continued to ferment like a freight train...
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    Too new to know tastes - can you help?

    OK, so I backsweetened my first batch of Skeeter pee and sampled and something must be wrong, but not sure what. It does not taste the way everyone on this forum raves it should (to me) so I am hoping that some of you experienced people out there can give the new girl some help. I would like...
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    Danger's lab---keep out!!!

    sweet!!!! Thanks for the info. I have also read that people use paint straining bags (never even heard of them, and I have done my fair share of painting over the years). Anyway - pretty excited to check them out and buy something for the next batch. now if only the bottle fairy would...
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    Danger's lab---keep out!!!

    Dave, I am very new to all of this and have my first batch of Triple Berry Skeeter pee clearing currently. Looking forward to taste testing for backsweetening purposes. Here is a pretty lame question for you. What are you using for bags to put your fruit in? I bought cheesecloth...
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    NH Ameteur

    Amateur vs Ameteur what an amateur move. DOH!:slp They say first impressions are everything. Hah. Thanks for all the warm welcomes. Looking forward to being part of the winemaking family.
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    NH Ameteur

    Caribou Slobber is an American Brown Ale. Get a load of this: "Dense layers of malt, caramel, baking chocolate, and a hint of light roasted coffee" Sounds so yummy I am drooling..... We are bottling it this weekend. On deck for beer - Speckled Heifer - a wheat beer. Brewing beer is a...
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    NH Ameteur

    Hi all. I am finally coming out, since the guilt I am building by lurking around this website is becoming overwhelming (ok - approx. 4 months I have been watching and not posting) First I would like to let you all know how extremely helpful this forum has been. Every question I have had, I...