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  1. SouthernVino

    Cleaning wine bottles

    I use Avery Removable Labels for my bottle labels. They just peel off with no residue to have to deal with. For cleaning I use One Step. For sanitizing Star San. If you rinse your bottle out real good after consumption, you will save yourself some time and work when it comes time to use it...
  2. SouthernVino

    Finer Wine Kit Finer Wine Kits

    J Also, make sure your fermenting bucket is big enough for foam-up. Otherwise, you will regret it.
  3. SouthernVino

    Other FWK Bordeaux - High PH - Need Input from Experienced Wine Makers

    Time will dissipate the SO2. I too just drop 1/4 tsp of meta per 5-6 gal every three/four months while in bulk aging. Never had a problem. Just drank a bottle that was 5 years old using this method and it still tasted great.
  4. SouthernVino

    Hello from TN

    Welcome to WMT from another Tennessean!
  5. SouthernVino

    Other Finer Wine Kits new process white wines

    Sorry, hit return and it took off. There can be many routes to a destination. The result is however, we get there. Then we have to evacuate the path we chose. Did it produce the experience we had hoped for? If not, we have to choose differently on our next journey on the same path. That’s...
  6. SouthernVino

    Other FW Bordeaux - the journey

    Mine is just coming out of primary. So, I have some distance to travel yet. Trying to decide if I want to go through MLF, or leave it where it is. Looks and smells great right now. Will definitely bulk age for 9-12 months adjusting oak level as I go. Looking forward to updates on you guys...
  7. SouthernVino

    Wine bottle shortage?

    I too reuse my bottles. New commercial bottles I remove labels wash, rinse, and dry. I store all of them upside down in boxes. At bottling time, all I have to do is sterilize with StarSan and bottle. Quick and easy. To remove labels, I just take a pan of boiling water and pour it into the...
  8. SouthernVino

    Pinot Noir Fastferment for 1st Time

    Closing the valve on the FF and adding bentonite then waiting till it settles down before re-opening is almost a guarantee of a clog. i agree with Ted, skip the bentonite.
  9. SouthernVino

    Fast ferment conical

    I have two FastFermenters I use constantly. I find they make the primary and secondary fermentation very clean, manageable and less cumbersome. There are a few accessories I would encourage you to get though. First, get you a mason jar adapter. This allows you to use mason jars instead of the...
  10. SouthernVino

    recycled bottle post-cleaning logistics (for temporary storage)

    I use a system that is fast and easy for me and seems to work great to remove labels. I just pour boiling water into the wine bottle and let it sit for a couple of minutes. The heat inside the bottle softens the glue on the label allowing you just to peal it off. For the glue residue still on...
  11. SouthernVino

    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    I like my reds dry as well. But this is a deep blush fruit wine. I guess you could categorize it as a light red perhaps. But I like this one with just a hint of sweetness. As for the potassium sorbate, I use 3 teaspoons per six gallons.
  12. SouthernVino

    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    I used 2 3/4 cups of sugar for the six gallons. That is a little less than a 1/2 cup per gallon. I like it semi dry with just a hint of sweetness. As it ages, the sugar binds with the fruit and I get that beautiful blend. The fruit flavor emerges along with the fragrance, but is not highjack...
  13. SouthernVino

    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    Just bottled 30 bottles of this recipe. Turned out wonderfully. If you haven’t made some of this, you really should. Simple but tastes great and looks beautiful when finished.
  14. SouthernVino

    Hazy Wine

    As promised. I said I would provide an update after implementing your suggestions to my pectic haze. As you can see, turned out perfect. Thanks to all.
  15. SouthernVino

    Hazy Wine

    Thanks to all. Looks like my assessment seem to be correct based on everyone's comments. I dropped some more pectic enzyme this morning. Now, the wait. Arne, you are probably correct. That is why I want the haze gone. jgmann67, buying more carboys is not the problem. Having a space to...
  16. SouthernVino

    Hazy Wine

    Need a little advice. I have a four gallon batch of Strawberry wine and two gallon batch of Chardonnay that I have in clearing. Both have generally cleared, but they have a little haze still left. Generally, I would just wait it out, but I need the carboys. I have a feeling it may be a...