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    What's in your glass tonight?

    $20,000 USD? There must be more to the story.
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    Sulfite question

    Thanks, guys, I really appreciate it!
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    Sulfite question

    My post-bottling recheck of FSO2 (free SO2) is lower than recommended, where recommended level is 33, and actual level is 24. Should I open the bottles, add more K-meta (potassium metabisulfite), and rebottle? Wine is 5 gallons of Shiraz made from Australian juice. Fermented to dry. Treated...
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    New member

    Welcome, wbhutchins!
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    How much malolactic bacteria to add

    As best I can figure, the packets of malolactic bacteria labeled for 66 gallons have 1.5 grams total. I am getting ready to use the Viniflora Oenos. Malolactic Culture Viniflora Oenos: 1.5 grams ( 1.5 grams divided by 66=0.02 grams per gallon, or 0.11 grams per 5 gallons of...