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  1. valdelocc

    Blueberry Shiraz

    interesting, I have some blueberry wine aging,I m thinking about taking a trip to the wine store, buy a bottle of Shiraz and give the blend a try. there are some good blueberry wine recipes posted in this site, basically it boils down to 3LB of fruit per gallon, sugar to 25 Brix (1.016SG), acid...
  2. valdelocc

    First batch of Apple

    I'm yet to degas a batch,racking takes care of degassing,when the wine clears ,the airlock stops burping and the water levels in both sides(S-Shape),I back sweeten if needed, add potmeta and let it seat for a month or so before bottling,I've been making wine for over ten years, don't use Sorbate...
  3. valdelocc

    Blueberry Shiraz

    that's an interesting question, I always thought the name Shiraz was used only in wines made with the Shiraz grape, I didn't know that one could make Shiraz using blueberries or any other kind of fruit.
  4. valdelocc

    Aldi's has canned plums

    I used corn syrup in wine before and I was never happy with the results, all sweeteners have their own taste profile,my first choice for wine making is the fruits sugars alone like in grape juice, if additional sugars are needed I prefer the clean taste of refined sugar cane. corn syrup exist...
  5. valdelocc

    Muscadine wine sediment

    I wouldn't worry about the sediments (lees), depending on the fruit you'll end up with more or less lees, the longer the wine seats on the lees the stronger the flavor but if left too long the dead yeast and decaying fruit may impact negatively the wine, by too long I meant over a month on the...
  6. valdelocc

    Aldi's has canned plums

    I bought 3 cans couple of weeks ago, each can weights 30+oz I recall, I didn't care for the flavor, ended mixing it with 5LB of fresh dates I found at a local Chinese market,3 gallons of water,sugar to 27 brix, 1LB of raisins and a pack of Premier Curvée(plus the usual stuff) I dont care for the...
  7. valdelocc


    that's a great deal!! I wish I could find some locals brewers to do a similar purchase. now you need to start growing your own hops.
  8. valdelocc

    Adding flavor to mango banana?

    I've done banana and mango wines and there are no substitutes for using fresh fruits, the juices do not provide the same flavors and aromas. Is hard to transfer the fruit flavors to a finish banana wine, I' don't boil the fruit instead I use the blender to puree the bananas to be later...
  9. valdelocc

    off to a shaky start on pineapple recipe. need advice.

    I have done pineapple with the peel left and peeled, the first one comes stronger flavor wise and with some odds flavors that fade away with time, I prefer to leave the peels on the pineapple. I going to give your tropical blend a try.
  10. valdelocc

    Pumpkin Wine: Ph. too high?

    I' adjust the PH/acidity before fermentation, both measurements are expected to change as part of the process, is normal to start at 3.5 and end at 3.7-3.9, more than likely your wine would be fine.
  11. valdelocc

    guava wine

    midwest; hows that guava coming along?
  12. valdelocc

    Beer difficulty vs wine

    I do beer part mash only and making beer is a bit easy than wine, it takes around 3 hours to brew 5 gallons of beer (part mash) then it goes to the primary,secondary and down it goes, wine most be punch 2 or 3 times a day,press and rack it many times, its more involving. by the way does anyone...
  13. valdelocc

    Sign of infection or normal??

    I would guess its an air bubbles ring, nothing to worry about, it'll go away in a couple of weeks, taste an small sample if it smells good and taste normal you good to go. good luck!
  14. valdelocc

    I still see bubbles coming up. Is Fermentation still happening?

    sometimes the gross lees keep on bubbling after the wine dries, I would rake it.
  15. valdelocc

    trouble fermenting cranberry must

    that particular batch was not meant to happen, after finally got it to ferment and dry I was raking it to a clean demijohn and the vessel cracked, the wine ended up inside my wet-dry vacuum:(, it was sad cause I worked so hard to get it going but stuff happens, I still have 10 gallons of...
  16. valdelocc

    guava wine

    besides drinking the guava wine did you smoke the peace pipe also?:p
  17. valdelocc

    Rice Wine

    thanks for the link. I just checked the wine and its dry and ready for the secondary, surprising how fast it dried out typically in my cold basement takes around 2 weeks for most fruit wines. some of the strong Sake smell faded away and it definitely overshoot my goal of 13% alcohol, I guess...
  18. valdelocc

    guava wine

    I typically ferment 6 gallons using 2.5lbfruit/gallon, I also use 3 gallons of guava juice and 3g of water, the juice helps bringing the PH down, I add the sugar gradually to 25 Brix. Did you buy the frozen guavas online? I get mines from a local Chinese market.
  19. valdelocc

    guava wine

    I like to use Cote De Blanc yeast gives it better flavor, try no to use the Libby's brand of canned guava its kind of bland, if you could find fresh fruit that would be the way to go. I like to trow some oak chip in the primary and top up the secondary with cheap brandy. I've made it twice and...
  20. valdelocc

    Rice Wine

    3 days ago started a 6g batch of rice wine, I used 2.5lb/g rice,1lb/g raisins,1 cup of honey,Red Star Champagne yeast,yeast food,tanning, amylase and pectic enzymes, pot meta and 20tsp of acid blend (it took that much to get the PH down to 3.5). I sort of combined two recipes and the mayor...