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    Drunk chickens

    Could this be the origin of Egg Nog? ;)
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    Bottling force carb'ed wine?

    OK, I am going to start out with a disclaimer, what I am suggesting is going to be controversial, so if your sole purpose is to tell anyone not using traditional methods that they are being an idiot, Please just move on... HOWEVER, constructive thoughts and work-arounds would be GREATLY...
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    Advice needed to correct Degassing fowlup!

    I used bentonite on two batches that I am making in parallel, and it cleared a bunch of stuff, then I used Keisesol and Chitosan, and it didn't clear for crap... worked wonders last time, and trying to figure out what went wrong. The only difference is that last time, the wine had sat a LONG...
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    Finer Wine Kit Finer Wine Kits

    I thought of the EXACT same song when I read that, but truth be told, I REALLY prefer the Post Modern Jukebox version over the Meghan Trainor one :)
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    WineXpert Limited Release Apres Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Wine Kit

    My gravities were a bit wonky - my OG was only 1.114 (a bit low). I thought I had figured it out when I transferred to the fast ferment, I THOUGHT it was because I had accidentally diluted it in the primary (I had assumed faulty markings on the bucket) but it turned out the faulty markings were...
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    WineXpert Limited Release Apres Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Wine Kit

    Thank you for the "clarification" (I couldn't resist)... The fast ferment keeps me from having to "rack" and the mason jar adapter lets me see what is happening with the lees... so far, the biggest complaint I have with the fast ferment is that the markings are WRONG... At 6 actual gallons...
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    WineXpert Limited Release Apres Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Wine Kit

    I started my double batch on the 9th of this month (about a week earlier than the OP) started them in a large bucket fermenter then shifted to a fastferment conical after chaptalization (easier to stir in the extra sugar in a bucket than in a conical)... the question I have is this, when it came...
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    Finer Wine Kit Finer Wine Kits

    Cancel culture DOES serve a purpose, Personally I am a Baby Boomer, and I laugh at all these virtue signaling children... as someone earlier said "my money, my choice." I had not heard of these kits until now, and the marketing you fools give companies like this is invaluable. Sure, other...