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  1. J

    Vineco Kenridge Port

    Let it sit for couple of months. I did chocolate orange and it was unbearable sweet at the begining - now 8 months the sweetenes is gone and it is very drinkable.
  2. J

    WineXpert Shiraz/Grenach/Mourvedre

    Glad to hear it. mine is maybe 4 months old in bottles. I do see a lot of diamonds has formed recently. I do have KFS GSM with grape pack. I did opened small bottle couple of weeks ago and it was still young - but very tasty.
  3. J

    Vineco Grape Skin Kits

    I do have a short spoon in primary. I do squeeze couple of time a day with spoon towards primary. At the end I do squeeze it using my hands (make sure you have all sanitized before touching the juice). Another good advice for nice and slow fermentation is to keep juice close to 20 c first 4/5...
  4. J

    Other Paklab 23L must kit

    23L Argentina Malbec I have bottled this one a week ago. And honestly - I love it. It should be mentioned I have put extra: crushed grapes (the smallest I found in COOP) - about 2 kilos black currants - crashed, about 1 and 1/2 kilo oak cubes - 2 packs Still in my first year of wine...
  5. J

    Other Paklab 23L must kit

    23L Sauvignon Blanc I have finished this one yesterday(final racking before bottling). Well - I do not know - anything else but Sa Bla I do know :po. Odd smell (though too young to judge), very thin. I do have Vineco KFS 18L Kit only 2 months old. Totally different smell, taste, color. I guess...
  6. J

    WineXpert selection limited italian brunello

    LE Brunello WE I have opened fist bottle yesterday - 6 months old. I know ... it should be aging more - it won't be :gb It soooo good. I'm making Vineco KFS Brunello with grapes right now. Cannot wait to compare (sec fermentation).
  7. J

    RJ Spagnols Cellar Classic Winery Series additions

    Thanks Wade, when did you open the first bottle?
  8. J

    RJ Spagnols Cellar Classic Winery Series additions

    Cabernet Sauvignon I have bought my first RJ Winery series Cabernet Sauvignon yesterday. Looks very nice in the box. I do like the skin jar. Different from WE and KFS. Is anyone drinking this one in these days? Any aging recommendations? Keep in mind this is my first year :i Jerry Bottled...
  9. J

    RJ Spagnols Hightail limited editions - Canada only?

    I have placed my order for HighTail Niagara Gewurztraminer yesterday. Should be here by the end of the month. If you have problem with wine - I'll pay shipping :p Jerry Bottled: Winexpert Limited Edition 2010: Trio Blanca, African Shiraz, Australian Petit Verdo, Italian Brunello, Italian Super...
  10. J

    Vineco KenRidge Founders

    Wine Tasting There was a wine tasting in Calgary over the weekend. I had a chance to taste KFS Brunello - absolulty great (less than 2 years old) I was not very impressed with Amarone - not bad but comparing to Brunello - it was plain. It has got good body though. I have tried as well...
  11. J

    RJ Spagnols Grape skin kits

    Hi Ian, how is your Kenridge GSM? I'm planning to buy one here in Calgary - 118 CAD. Jerry
  12. J

    WineXpert Shiraz/Grenach/Mourvedre

    any update (tasting) I'm planning to buy GSM from Vineco founders series.
  13. J

    Vineco Founders Series; German Reisling

    sooo - how it looks like? I'm thinking about Brunello and Riesling.
  14. J

    Vineco Wine Kit grapes origin

    Thanks Steve, Glad to hear it. I'll be choosing accordingly. Jerry
  15. J

    Vineco Wine Kit grapes origin

    Let me ask you one question. I was reading here a lot about content of juice. And I'm a bit confused. I have bought KenRidge Founder's Kit - 18L white New Zealand Sauvignon. I do read here that let's say Italian Barolo is from California grapes. Is this one - KenRidge Founder's Kit - 18L...
  16. J

    New member from Calgary

    Thanks I will have a look if it is available in Calgary
  17. J

    New member from Calgary

    of course ... hehe ... great to see this kind of response ... maybe wine tasting down the road ... Thanks
  18. J

    New member from Calgary

    Hello Wine Makers, I have recently found this neat web forum. So here I am. I have started in January 2010. So far I have made: Winexpert: Trio Blanca African Shiraz Australian Petit Verdo Italian Brunello (aging in carboy) Italian Super Tuscan with grape pack (aging in carboy)...