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    New wine bottles for sale. In cases.

    Attention wine makers. Selling some extra wine bottles. As pictured from left to right. Ultra premium, heavy, 750 ml, antique green, punted, Burgundy style bottle, Cork closure. $18.00 per case. 10 cases. Ultra premium, heavy, 750 ml, dark dead leaf, punted, Bordeaux style bottle, cork...
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    Winemaking equipment for sale.

    Selling a bit more of my extra winemaking equipment. 1. manual crusher destemmer with upgraded stainless steel hopper. Pillan Enotech brand. In almost new condition. $475.00 2. Buon Vino Superjet wine filter with sub filter. $270.00 3. Marchisio size 30 basket press. Completely...
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    Winemaking equipment for sale

    Changing out some of my winemaking equipment. The items are located in San Diego California. Sorry but cannot ship. Pick up only. Buon Vino minijet wine filter, unused, $90.00 Buon Vino super jet wine filter, $260.00 includes sub filter. Buon Vino filljet , unused, $280.00 Capsule spinners, 2...
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    Where to buy cheap wine bottle

    I’m in so cal and though I don’t offer shipping, I sell new bottles for $11.00 per case.
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    I sell brand new wine bottles for $11.00 per case.
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    New wine bottles for sale + some equipment

    selling approximately 80 cases of brand new wine bottles Floor corkers Red $45.00 Blue $65.00
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    Floor corkers for sale $40 red, $55 blue

    Selling extra floor corkers. $40 for the red ones, $55 for the blue. Price is each. Can disassemble blue corker , $25.00 shipping, or pick up in San Diego. Clearing out extra wine making equipment. Carboys, demijohns, hydrometers, minijet filters, stay tuned.