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  1. Geronimo

    WE New instructions

    Note that you now leave the kit in primary for 2 weeks. I discovered this years ago. In fact, 3-4 weeks is even better.
  2. Geronimo

    Pet peeve -> LABELS!

    Some kits have labels supplied with them that come off easily, while others can be the SINGLE WORST NIGHTMARE in winemaking!! I can't understand why a kit maker would supply labels that literally won't come off the bottle without soaking and/or scraping and then lots of glue remover. The last...
  3. Geronimo

    After 10 years I think I've learned a thing or two

    The tough part I had was making 20-25 kits a year for 3 years so I built up the cellar. It's easy to be patient when you have so many bottles down there.
  4. Geronimo

    Every once in a while....

    I do something that goes against my character. Yesterday I was at Costco and bought a Kirkland brand Malbec (Mendoza, Argentina). I thought for $6.99 how could I go wrong? Supposedly an 87 rated wine so I didn't expect a lot... but YUCK! I mean, what did these guys do to those poor grapes...
  5. Geronimo

    New 2018 Limited Edition kits coming out for pre-order

    The RJS offerings are out, and the Mosti Mondiale Meglioli line is taking shape I've never had a bad (or even mediocre) batch from either of these lines. The Mosti Mondiale Meglioli are...
  6. Geronimo

    After 10 years I think I've learned a thing or two

    I wanted to make sure I was clearly talking about kit wines. Making wines from whole fruit is in a different realm.
  7. Geronimo

    After 10 years I think I've learned a thing or two

    I lock the lid immediately. I know a lot of people think that leaving it loose helps with the aerobic phase. All it really does is help with keeping the fermentation cooler. If you ferment a small amount (6 gallons is a very small amount) then there are lots of options to keep it cool that also...
  8. Geronimo

    After 10 years I think I've learned a thing or two

    It’s been 10 years since I started making wine kits, and no regrets so far! My advice to others is simple; once you have some experience with your process and sanitation you’re ready to move up. Buy some really good wine kits, bottle them with really good corks, and let them age 3+ years. Some...
  9. Geronimo

    RJ Spagnols RJS Port kits

    My post was deleted. No explanation, just deleted.
  10. Geronimo

    Life expectancy in beer bottle?

    The pressure in a beer bottle helps keep the seal of the cap. Having said that, I can't see why the wine wouldn't last for many years. With this question in mind, you really need to wonder why they don't make 750 ml bottles with a mouth made for capping. Cheap, dependable, easy to open, stores...
  11. Geronimo

    Why not ferment dry in the bucket/primary

    I close up the primary moments after pitching the yeast. If you don't have a fan blowing, you'll have some CO2 that blankets the wine even after you mess with the grape skins bag, oak, etc. The single greatest risk of oxidation is when racking. Leaving a young wine sit still for a long time...
  12. Geronimo

    Why not ferment dry in the bucket/primary

    Add me to the gang that leaves it in the bucket until it's DONE. I usually let it go about 4 weeks, but the grape pack and oak chips come out after ~2 weeks. Use yeast nutrient and energizer... leave it in primary 4 weeks... super clean, tasty wine every time.
  13. Geronimo

    Synthetic Wine Corks

    As a taster t-cork? They last for years. So when I finally get down to my last dozen or so, I'll keep them hidden away. Not many people use the Zorks because of the price. Since the Nomacorks are under 20¢ ea I'll be switching. Too bad, it's a great idea!! But adding that much cost to every...
  14. Geronimo

    Synthetic Wine Corks

    I use zorks which are more expensive than any corks, but have great advantages as well. Currently I see them at 32¢ each in quantities of 1000. I bottle about 400/year so $80 extra a year but I never need a corker or corkscrew. My friends and relatives love them as much as I do!
  15. Geronimo

    What's in your glass tonight?

    Oh man, I've seen that picture of Lou's DD pies so much it makes me want to jump a commuter to Chi-town and have a sit down ;)
  16. Geronimo

    What's in your glass tonight?

    It's only 9 months old. I typically ferment for a month, and then secondary (and cold condition) for 6-9 months, then bottle. I'll leave it alone for another 2 years now. I have some 3 year old CC Amarone that's become smoother and velvety.... flavor-wise it's not that much different.
  17. Geronimo

    What's in your glass tonight?

    Excellent, but I admit this isn't my first batch of CC Amarone. The one thing I wish I had was an oak barrel for this kit.
  18. Geronimo

    What's in your glass tonight?

    I just finished bottling a CC Amarone, and there's always some left, so that's on the counter tonight along with some cranberry apple wine that I bumped to 16%. Good thing it's a Saturday night!!
  19. Geronimo

    Cellar Craft 2012 CC LR Red Mountain Trio (the Frankenkit Tweak Thread)

    Too bad they don't sell CC kits any more.
  20. Geronimo

    Wine purchased online - CC Fraud

    They have become insanely efficient at detecting and processing fraud. Now if they could expend some of that energy to making the cards more secure...