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    Mulberry wine questions

    I have made mulberry wine that turned out quite well. I didn't use a recipe, just the old fashioned way. I will say that I have NEVER taken the stems off. They are edible. I even put the berries, stems and all, into pancakes and they are very good. I always use what's left after pressing out the...
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    Alcohol Question?

    I have only made "country" wines so far. Blueberry, Peach, Mulberry, Clover N Honey and Fig. I only started just last spring so this is what I have so far. I would love to do Muscadine or Scuppernong and also Dandelion this year. I may do some herbal experiments also and maybe some florals...
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    Alcohol Question?

    Wow, thanks! So basically it's the same only distilled in different parts of the world. I love this site! You guys are all so great! The more I learn, the more hooked I've become!
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    Alcohol Question?

    Okay so now what's the difference between cognac and brandy? Is conac just sweeter?
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    Alcohol Question?

    Wow! Thanks for all the interesting backround and information. I've always wondered these things. So I'm guessing if I were to distill it into brandy, that would be illegal, right? Wade, you are correct in saying that it probably needs some aging to mellow out. It was made in Aug '09. I...
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    Alcohol Question?

    Okay, I'm really going to show my ignorance this time :D Does anyone know what distinguishes wine from brandy? Is it process, ingredients, alcohol content or what? My peach wine is very strong and leaves a warm coating on my throat like brandy would. It's very good but more like brandy than...
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    Question About Corking

    Thanks for showing pics of this method of storing corks and sanitized equipment! I really mean to build one of these soon! Where is the best and least inexpensive site to find K-Meta?
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    Anybody picking fruit?

    Thanks! How do you go about back sweetening?
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    Potato Anise wine

    That looks beautiful!
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    Anybody picking fruit?

    Sacalait, I see you've made a fig wine before. Do you care to share a recipe or tell me how it's supposed to taste? Is it a sweet wine? Mine is strong on fig aftertaste but mildly tart at first, and somewhat dry. It is a pale pink color. I did it the old way without a recipe or kit if that...
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    Fruit wine made from apartment grown fruit?

    A Beginner Also, And A Question? I just started making wine last spring in an attempt to preserve the harvest. The only equipment I have are 5 gallon frosting tubs and some silicone aquarium tubing! I didn't use any recipe other than plain baking yeast, sugar or honey, fruit and water. So far...
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    What are you making and what have you made ???

    Onion Wine? If anyone has tasted this recipe, how would you describe it? It sounds like a great vinegar, but as a wine? Please give me an idea of what it would compare to if anything. I'm very curious.
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    Question About Corking

    Wow! Thanks for all of the answers and info! I see that I'm in the right place now : )
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    Corking and bottle selection

    Screw Top Bottles I read somewhere earlier today that recycled screw top bottles have thinner glass @ the neck making it hard to get a good seal with a cork and that it also may break from the pressure. Does anyone have any experience with this?
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    Question About Corking

    Does anyone know if it's okay to maybe dip a cork into hot wax before bottling to prevent cork tainted wine?
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    Hello from N.C.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- :ib I've only made wine in the primitive way so far. I'm currently using frosting tubs. So far I have very sweet and very strong wine in several flavors. It tastes more like brandy. I also have some delicious...
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    New wine maker here!

    Hello from N.C. I am a newbie also. I've only made wine in the primitive way so far. I'm currently using frosting tubs. So far I have very sweet and very strong wine in several flavors. It tastes more like brandy. I also have some delicious accidental vinegar for my efforts. I'm looking forward...