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    no bubbles in blueberry wine

    making blueberry wine. after about 1 week, s.g. got down to .990 so i transferred to a 5 gallon carboy ( added 1/3 gallon water so would be full ). i put a "top" on ( plastic cork device 1/2 filled with water ). i thought there were supposed to be bubbles coming out of it, but i haven't seen...
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    sorbate-how to know if fermenting has stopped?

    i added sorbate and camden prior to backsweetening two gallon of strawberry wine-3 days ago. how can you tell if the sorbate is working and therefore i can be confident in bottling the wine knowing that there will be no more fermentation??
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    strawberry wine s.g. after sweetening

    i made a batch of strawberry wine about 6 months ago. i bottled the first 3 gallons a week ago, but decided to backsweeten the last 2 gallons before bottling it. i put in the sorbate ( 1 teaspoon ) and camden tablets ( 2 ) after crushing-about 3 days ago. the s.g. at this point was .990...
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    how much sorbate and camden for back sweetening

    i have had about 4 gallons of strawberry wine fermenting for about 6 months. i just moved it to another container and decided to try to backsweeten it prior to bottling. for this much wine what is the correct backsweetening procedure as far as timing and amounts of sorbate/camden to use...
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    bottle exploded

    i made 20 bottles of peach wine a year ago that i opened the first bottle of about a month ago. some people that tried it didn't think it was sweet enough so i added a sugar/water "syrup" to some bottles and recorked. on most of these bottles the corks have blew out and if i took them out the...
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    de-gas and k-meta??

    i was advised to degas a one year old peach wine and add sorbate and k-meta. i've got some sorbate, but am in the blind about degassing and k-meta.
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    peach wine corks blow

    made peach wine for the first time one year ago and when i opened the first bottle about a month ago the wine seemed dry so i added a syrup mix to each bottle and recorked. i uncorked one today and the cork came out in a rush ( like you would expect champagne to act ). also, i noticed that two...
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    s.g on strawberry wine

    the s.g. on my strawberry wine is down to about .986-it was started about 5 weeks ago. how soon should i bottle it? i have siphoned it twice so far. also, i read that you can add sulphite/sorbate/sugar just prior to bottling if you want a less dry strawberry wine. do i wait until the last...
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    forgot to put water in air lock

    i forgot to put water in the air lock of my new strawberry wine. it was a day or two before i discovered this-by which time the air lock seemed to have filled up with strawberry wine. will the wine still be ok?
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    potassium sorbate and potassium metabisulphite

    i was going to sweeten my new batch of strawberry wine a month after beginning the batch. i've read in various posts that you should use potassium sorbate and potassium metabisulphite before adding the sweetener. are there other names for the sorbate and metabisulphite products? i added...
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    sweeten peach wine?

    i just uncorked my first ever batch of peach wine ( bottled august 2009 ). it seems ok, but has more "bite" to it than i think some of my seldom wine drinking friends might like. can i mellow it/sweeten it now by adding sugar-or something else. if so, let me know how much and what to do at...
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    frozen strawberries

    i froze about 18 lbs. of strawberries yesterday in preparation for making strawberry wine next week. how long should i freeze them? most importantly, what is the best way to thaw out and then get the juice out of them for the wine?? also, i froze a small amount of rhubarb about a month ago...
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    acid blend in strawberry wine

    i want to make strawberry wine tonight-at the latest tomorrow. my problem is my wine supply store had everything i needed except "acid blend" ( the recipe calls for 1 teaspoon per gallon-i'm making 5 gallon ). should i go ahead and make the wine without the acid blend, or add it later, or is...
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    strawberry wine recipes ( with rhubarb? )

    would like to make strawberry wine soon: 1 how careful must i be about strawberries having been sprayed? 2 can i freeze s/b's for a few weeks before starting process? 3 can i add a small amount of rhubarb juice? 4 recipes gladly accepted!!
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    rhubarb and ???

    would like to make rhubarb plus "something with it" wine-the "something" hopefully being in season or shortly in season in central illinois. any ideas and possible recipes? also, i made my first batch of wine ever last august and am about ready to uncork it to try some-is there any signs i...
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    chlorinated water

    i have just finished bottling my peach wine and basically everything seems to be about right. it was my first batch and i may have made some mistakes. first of all, i used "city" water which i assume has chlorine in it. also, since i didn't have a chesecloth etc. to put the pulp in, i used an...
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    sorbate and sulphite-necessary??

    i seem to see people advising the use of sorbate and sulphite ( and back sweeting ) in these posts. my peach wine recipe didn't mention any of them and my wine is .990 after about 5 weeks and 3 rackings-can i bottle it or do i really need the sorbate etc. ?
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    peach wine lengths

    filling bottles i'm about ready to transfer my first batch of peach wine into bottles. how full do i fill the bottles? can you leave the last bottle 1/2 filled if that is what you end up with? i added camden tablets as per the recipe when i started, but have read if you want to keep the...
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    peach wine lengths

    got s.g. down to .990 in about 18 days for peach wine--is that normal or too fast? also, how long after reaching that point before bottling? and lastly-how long can i store peach wine before drinking ( told a 14 year old niece that helped me with the process i would put her name on a bottle...
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    no bubbles in air lock in peach wine

    maybe i didn't have enough peaches to start with, but everything went great in the primary fermenter ( s.g. readings were just what is recommended ). then when i transferred to the carboy, i only had enough liquid to fill the bottle 3/4ths full. may have made other mistakes ( ie should i have...