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  1. Odiy33

    When to move must over from bucket to Carboy?

    So far so good (i think), i added the yeast to my must on 01/16 and have used a space heater and have been able to keep the temp at exactley 75, i just got my brew belt today and am going to try that (would like to stop using the space heater to save on the electric bill) that should keep it at...
  2. Odiy33

    Need advice on next step

    I'm trying to make a dry apple wine. So far so good I believe. I'm loosley following a recipe. The recipe wanted me to let the must ferment for 48 hours in my 6 g plastic bucket, then move over into the Carboy. My first batch, i didn't move the must over to the carboy for awhile. The must...
  3. Odiy33

    Question after adding yeast

    i took the advice from one of the experts on this forum pertaining to the yeast starter, and it worked great. I added the yeast to my must, and because i'm still waiting for my brewing belt and my must for the last couple of days (before adding the yeast has been between 55-60) i felt i had to...
  4. Odiy33

    a MUST question

    Thanks Ok, I have to see what i can find today, i may have some sort of tub or plastic storage unit i could fill with warm water. Just hope my Belt comes in soon, but if you think it's a better idea to start it now, i'll do that tonight. Thanks again for the help.
  5. Odiy33

    a MUST question

    First off thanks to those who have helped with my previous questions, it's really helped me get a grasp on things. My only other question is below: I chose a fariley simple recipe out of a book i received for xmas, it's a dry apple wine which uses apple juice. As we speak for the past...
  6. Odiy33

    Starter Yeast, Temp and Sugar question

    Thanks again Thanks again, i appreciate you taking the time to help me out :)
  7. Odiy33

    Starter Yeast, Temp and Sugar question

    Thank you Thank you very much, i will restart my yeast starter. I don't have an electric blanket, i was thinking about picking up one of those brewing belts, do you know if those work well? And one last question, i will do the sugar as you suggested in the future, but for this batch i...
  8. Odiy33

    Starter Yeast, Temp and Sugar question

    Thank you for taking the time to look at my questions. I'm making my second batch of wine, Peach was my first, and allthough drinkable, did not taste very good. I decided to try and make the simplest recipe in a book i got. Dry Apple Wine, I'm using apple juice without perservatives. I have...
  9. Odiy33

    Just saying hi

    Hey guys joined the site to find info on wine brewing. I've made one batch of peach wine that did not come out too good. Drinkable but that's about it. Just started my second batch of a very simple apple wine and may need some pointers