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    Cellar Craft port?

    I've made the chocolate orange port; turned out great.
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    Where is the joke topic?

    For the record I too like the jokes. The world needs to lighten up.
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    Costco Onyx V mc Kit

    I don't recall the two pack but don't think it was the ONYX pail either. I'll see if the pail is kicking around or I may still have the wine work sheet / instruction. I'll let you know. It contained the bottle shrinks, corks and labels as part of the kit if that helps. Depending on the...
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    Apple Wine Question - Yeast on Must

    Julie - I added one stick of cinnamon right in the primary and a bag of golden raisins as I read in several recipes that Apple wine when using apples is difficult to get significant flavour. I was going to backsweeten with regular sugar and two bottles of organic apple juice which I can buy...
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    Apple Wine Question - Yeast on Must

    Julie - quick update to say that everything is brewing nicely. Racked last night as it hit 1.010 and everything is still bubbling steady. Garry
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    Hello..... from British Columbia's Chilcotin

    Welcome aboard. I had to look up Alexis Creek as I hadn't heard of it. We spend time out at Quensel Lake each year and know the Williams lake area well but never headed West. Always wanted to get to Bella Coola for some Salmon fishing (Wade needs to try that). Cheers Garry
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    Costco Onyx V mc Kit

    Don't waste your money. I made a sangiovese (I think or maybe a sharaz) awhile back and it was thin. I think they water down the concentrate to much to keep price down. Garry
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    Apple Wine Question - Yeast on Must

    Thanks for the input guys. It appears things are starting to work. I was away from home on Friday so couldn't get back to the forum to respond. Julie - I waited about 20 hours after sulphites to add yeast. I guess I was a little impatient after the first addition of yeast and at that time...
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    Apple Wine Question - Yeast on Must

    After adding the first pack of yeast on top of the must I pushed the pulp down after 24 hours. It was two days later that I didn't see activity and decided to sprinkle another pack of yeast (the same) on top. That's where I'm at now; the yeast is sitting on top of the pulp. Julie - Given...
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    Apple Wine Question - Yeast on Must

    Thanks Paul, I did read a few other recipes and posts where people were similarly preparing the yeast before adding to the must. Now that I already added a the yeast do you think by adding more in the manner you suggest will cause issues? My temperature is sitting between 72 - 75 deg F so...
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    This is me!

    I had the same bike.
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    Apple Wine Question - Yeast on Must

    I'm making wine from homegrown apples for the first time. SG is currently 1.100 and the apples have been finely chopped. Added all the usual ingredients - water to 5 gallons, Yeast Energizer, Pectin Enzyme, Kmeta, acid blend, etc. Waited 12 hours, added chemicals, waited another 12 hours (as...
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    Im back

    Nice to have you back Wade but remember family comes first. Spend as much time as you can with dad as life can throw a curve ball quickly. I lost my dad a number of years back due to a stroke and wish I had taken more time with him. Best Regards. Gman
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    Boston Bruins.. VICTORY!!!

    Great Boston Series and Cup Win I was 7 and 9 years old respectively when the Bruins won in 70 and 72; been a Bruins fan ever since. Grew up idolizing Bobby, Johnny, Stan Jonathon, Terry ....... and on and on. Its been a long time coming but finally got to throw it back in the Montreal...
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    Happy Fathers Day

    Great "Dads Day" to all. Just had a party last night for my daughters high school graduation (the last of three) and suffice it to say, I'm not cleaning up the mess. It may be a lazy day here as it is raining, all my wine and pee is clearing and the US Open is on. Garry
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    I know the thread is dated but I'm thinking about trying this as my first foray into fruit drink. I'm curious about the acidity, did you measure or have any concerns with the acidity of the mix? And what did you use to clear it? Gman
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    Chicken Tacos in Tomato-Chipotle Sauce

    ffemt128 Funny because after I read it I thought the exact same thing, looks good but I'm not an avocado fan but the others in the family are. ibglowin, thanks for the recipe, this looks good. My kind of food. I grew up in the North a food it bland in these parts. Once I traveled south and...
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    New wine maker from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    Welcome Chris, Great site and very helpful group of people. Hope you not in the flood zone.
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    Totally amazing

    I concur; I've only been on for less than a year and already feel like I know Wade and many other people on the forum. Also just bought a Vacuum pump from Wade and everything was in order. Nothing but praise for the man. I must admit, there is something about this forum that differs from...
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    RJ Spagnols Does water matter

    It matters based on my experience. I lived in the city for awhile and found the clorine (hypochloride) did not make for good wine; I went to bottled water. I now live on an acreage with well water. Due to iron and hardness I use a conditioner but even after that I run the water through a...