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  1. RickD

    Drill dust in wine.

    Welcome to MY world!
  2. RickD

    Apple Wine Turns Out Sparkling

    I had a couple of bottles of apple wine made from juice that I bottled on 3-24. I opened one today and the amount of carbonation was amazing. There was some tan-colored sediment. The taste was not good. I thought I would see if its salvageable or if I should go ahead and toss it. SG of...
  3. RickD

    Raspberry Wine Settling vs Racking Technique vs Degassing

    My must: 40oz of thawed mashed raspberries, 2lbs 12oz table sugar, 109 oz water, total volume 192 oz, starting SG 1.098, pH 3.68, TA unknown; Additives: Tannin, Pectic Enzyme, Acid Blend, Yeast Energizer, Yeast Nutrient; Yeast: Montrachet. Final SG: 0.994. My racking technique: skim off...
  4. RickD


    Just a heads up...if you buy Campden tablets from Amazon you need to look closely to see if it's K-meta or Na-meta. Fool me once...
  5. RickD

    Blackberry Mandarin Dragon Blood

    I was concerned about flabby wine. Not sure how to respond to the SP implication.
  6. RickD

    Darn Skeeter Pee!

    The fact that Realemon contains Na-meta and sodium benzoate probably doesn't help!
  7. RickD

    Starsan...and then what?

    I'm a small batch wine maker. I mix up one gallon batches of Star San in one gallon jugs of distilled water using 1-1/4 tsp of Star San. I cap the jug with it's original cap, write the date on the jug with a sharpie, and make a new batch every 8 weeks (arbitrary, but on week 8 the fumes still...
  8. RickD

    Blackberry Mandarin Dragon Blood

  9. RickD

    Whole House Filter

    Working link: "Tips and tricks to using a whole house filter" | Wine Making Talk
  10. RickD

    Raspberry Wine

    I wish I had paid more attention to this thread before I pitched my red raspberry. I flinch sometimes when the technical discussions get so far over my head. I used six 12oz bags of frozen berries (4.5lbs), so I got lucky in that regard. I added 1/2 tsp acid blend. I was able to test pH...
  11. RickD

    My First Attempt at Dangerdave's Dragon Blood

    Sometimes I feel like the dyslexic guitar player going down to the crossroads to make a deal with santa.
  12. RickD

    My First Attempt at Dangerdave's Dragon Blood

    The lemon appears to have gotten lost, at least for now. I may try adding some zest to the bucket next time.
  13. RickD

    My First Attempt at Dangerdave's Dragon Blood

    Thanks!! For as long as I can stand to wait! One will be opened this evening, so...
  14. RickD

    My First Attempt at Dangerdave's Dragon Blood

    1 gallon batch...came out great!
  15. RickD

    Free Gifts From Northern Brewer?

    Just received this message from Northern Brewer: Thank you, yes this is a repack by UPS, this appears to be a gear box assembly. We do not sell this part. You may keep them, sell them, toss in the trash, not sure what they are used for. We have no means to know where they came from nor does...
  16. RickD

    Free Gifts From Northern Brewer?

    Thought I'd share this... I ordered a little big mouth bubbler from Northern Brewer. When the box showed up on my doorstep (courtesy of UPS), I panicked. The box looked like it had been hit by a truck. Upon opening the box, I found my bubbler (unscathed), along with two of these (at 6.6 lbs...
  17. RickD

    Question about vacuum pump and "Big Mouth Bubbler"

    I tried pulling into the stock lid/little big mouth combo with my AIO this morning and for my application (static head guesstimate under about one foot), there is no problem. This includes the fact that although the lid normally uses a #5 stopper, the #3 stopper that is standard with the AIO...
  18. RickD

    Dangerdave's Sweet Strawberry Tart Recipe

    Thank-you all so much!!
  19. RickD

    Dangerdave's Sweet Strawberry Tart Recipe

    I'm ashamed to post this, but I'm totally frustrated. I came across this recipe somewhere on these forums and I thought I bookmarked it but clearly did not, and now I can't seem to locate it. Can someone with better search skills please help me out?