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  1. pittspur

    Music and winemaking...

    YES! "Animals" is my fave Floyd album. Completely agree with your sentiments. Wasn't sure anyone else felt that way.
  2. pittspur


    I made the EdWort recipe about a year ago. I too was very disappointed with the results - not much taste at all. I attempted to mess with it - I spiced some (cinnamon and cloves), and added some raspberry to some and cranberry to some. I have basically forgotten about them. I plan on trying...
  3. pittspur

    Chocolate Strawberry Port

    How much aging do you recommend for best taste?
  4. pittspur

    Western PA'er's luncheon

    I blew this one. I just saw this and I missed the lunch (and I could have walked there from work). Glad everyone had a good time. I need to check this forum more often.
  5. pittspur

    Arrowhead Wine Cellars

    Doug, if you are looking for more variety of their wines, Soergel's in Wexford has an Arrowhead wine store that does tastings. The wife really loves their Ambrosia. -Dave
  6. pittspur

    Skittle wine fermenting again

    Can you please describe what this tastes like? I'm very curious.
  7. pittspur

    shiraz kit recommendation

    Thanks for all of the feedback. I will probably be buying one of these for myself at Xmas. Racer and Phermenter, please keep me updated with your CC progress.
  8. pittspur

    shiraz kit recommendation

    Robie, thanks for the feedback. That is on the list, but not sure if I want to get to that price level. It's close to $70 more than the RJS Cellar Classics and $40 more than the WE.
  9. pittspur

    shiraz kit recommendation

    Hi All, I'm trying to pick a quality shiraz kit and am wondering if anyone could compare and contrast a few of the kits. 1. WE Selection International Australian Shiraz 2. RJS Cellar Classic Grande Shiraz 3. RJS Cellar Classic Shiraz 4. CC Sterling California Reserve Syrah The WE...
  10. pittspur

    chile juice results

    Tom, how long do you leave the raisins in?
  11. pittspur

    chile juice results

    I'd like to hear the results of those who made wine from juice from Chile this spring. I have a syrah aging and had a taste of it last night. I know it is early and has a decent taste already, but I am a bit concerned about the body. It seems very thin. I did add raisins in the primary. Is...
  12. pittspur

    Wine Racks

    I made a couple of these simple 24 wine rack from these instructions that I found. Worked well for me as a start. My next step is to design and build about a 150 bottle rack for beneath our bar area...
  13. pittspur

    Regina juice

    Doug, I just happened to be poking around the Consumer's Produce website. They now have juice available on the order form.
  14. pittspur

    Regina juice

    Doug, thanks for the update. I'll be watching for the Consumer's Produce website update.
  15. pittspur

    Regina juice

    Hi, I might be too late to put an order in for this, but looking at ordering some Regina juice (thru Premier for those yinzers). I'm thinking about doing a Sauvignon Blanc, as I want to do a crisp white, or possibly a Pinot Grigio. Does anyone have any experience with this juice to recommend...
  16. pittspur

    Apfelwein ?

    I've been playing with my apfelwein. I made the 5 gallons and really didn't care for it - very dry and not much taste at all. I bottled it and it has been sitting for 3-4 months, as I've been hoping it would improve. However, I still don't like it. Last night I started some playing with it...
  17. pittspur

    WineXpert wildberry shiraz rocket fuel :(

    Drizz, Don't mean to hijack your thread, but I am experiencing the same thing. Same kit, added corn sugar to up starting sg to 1.070. Fermented to .992. It has been clearing for 2 weeks. I took a taste and it is rocket fuel. I did not add the sugar as a simple syrup. I just dumped it in...
  18. pittspur

    Lunch Invitation June 4th

    I'm back at work already - great lunch location choice. Just want to say it was a pleasure to meet everyone. Thanks for sharing your wines. I can't wait to try them. Don't be too hard on my first wine, but if you notice that I didn't do something right, please tell me. Really enjoyed it...
  19. pittspur

    Lunch Invitation June 4th

    Dan, Thanks. Since I'm buying I recommend McDonald's. I can be flexible with my lunch hour. I see that Country Wines doesn't open until 11:30. I would guess that you wouldn't be back up in Cranberry until at least 1. Pick a time and I can make it work. As for restaurants, as you...
  20. pittspur

    Lunch Invitation June 4th

    Hi Julie/Steve/Doug, Would you mind if I joined the lunch? Seeing that I live and work in Cranberry, it would be quite easy for me to meet up. Since I've only just started this hobby, I really have nothing to offer in the way of wine. It would be nice for me to have an opportunity to learn...