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  1. whine4wine

    Vacuum Transfer Wine Pump Giveaway

    "LIKE" on facebook.
  2. whine4wine

    Cooking in the Wilderness

    Here is some real wilderness cooking. Pictures from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Rated as one of the most scenic places on earth. [/url][/IMG] [/url][/IMG]
  3. whine4wine

    Out of the igloo

    Welcome back Troy! Did you really go to the Antarctic? That would have been awesome. But wouldn't it have been easier to go to the Arctic? You know, walk out the front door, turn North, walk 15 paces, and run into the North Pole.:D You got snow up there in Alaska yet? None in...
  4. whine4wine

    Has to be a better way

    I use the wire wheel on my bench grinder. I hook up the shop vac to catch the fuzz.
  5. whine4wine

    6 Gallon Carboy is back

    I got 2 of them, think I might get a couple more. Good price with free shipping!
  6. whine4wine

    has anyone made tomato wine?

    Had a lot of tomatoes, so made a batch..............without a is the worst wine I have produced so far.:tz Oh well, experimentation is part of the learning curve.
  7. whine4wine

    Been missing

    Great story Wade. Your just a softy at heart.:br
  8. whine4wine

    Still Here

    Waiting for that update Troy. Hope all is well with you. How much snow you got up there? Just a dusting in my part of Mich, about a foot in northern part. Almost time to dust off the cross country skis.
  9. whine4wine

    Screw cap bottles

    I have acess to alot of free booze bottles, from a bar-owner friend. Cleaned with labels removed they make good wine bottles. I use them on wine that I expect to drink within a few months. I sanitize and reuse the caps. So far I have not had any issues. I use my cork wine bottles on any...
  10. whine4wine

    Winemaker from Michigan

    Welcome Vern, Nice to hear from another Michigan guy. My sister lives down that way, Benton Harbor area. Enjoy the site.
  11. whine4wine

    Hi from Michigan

    AKsarben, That does sound like some good wine. Now all I have to do is break it down to 6 gal size.:d
  12. whine4wine

    Amazon has 6 1/2 Carboys again.....

    Dont know if thats the last 2 or not...........I just placed an order. I purchased 2 at 28 each with free shipping. Great Deal:try
  13. whine4wine


    I have been using a wire wheel to remove tough labels. It takes a lot less effort than scraping. It does produce a lot of paper dust, so I hook up my shop vac to the back of the grinder, that helps alot.
  14. whine4wine

    Hello From Minnesota

    Yes I have been up there about a half dozen times. Its the most scenic place I have ever been. My avatar is from our last camping trip.
  15. whine4wine

    Hello From Minnesota

    Welcome to the forum. Ever go to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in MN? That is some Beautiful country up there.
  16. whine4wine

    Quick Alcohol ?

    And when you flush down there in NZ, Does it spin clockwise or counter-clockwise?:db
  17. whine4wine

    Hey you missing me??????

    Welcome back Boo! What is your technique for Grapefruit wine? That is one I've been wanting to make.
  18. whine4wine

    Which Would You Choose?

    I heard this same senario for golf. 1 dollar start, double each hole......let your opponent win the first few holes. It adds up fast.
  19. whine4wine

    Concentrate Juice Wine question

    Relax, relax, If it were me I would just let your batch ferment out untill its dry, then stabilize it, and then use your concentrate to flavor and back sweeten it. It will be OK.
  20. whine4wine

    food and wine

    I always use wine when I cook..........Sometimes I even put some in the food.