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  1. baron4406

    Recooping a barrel

    Fred you are the MAN. Impressed beyond belief!! I actually might do the same at some time, but may go for a barrel char for Bourbon.
  2. baron4406

    Fresh grapes vs Brehms must

    I want to try some, my wallet yells at me for the thought.
  3. baron4406

    Got bad grapes-what would YOU do?

    Already did Winemaker81, in fact the head winemaker called me personally. Since we turned it into a vacation and I didn't pay much for a grapes (around $120 for 250#) I'm not too worried. Its being treated as a lesson learned.
  4. baron4406

    Got bad grapes-what would YOU do?

    Just pressed out both batches, long morning!! Wine tastes 'meh". Sort of has a very sharp bite and a slight taste of unripe grapes. Still its young, I'm going to run an MLF on it and see if it knocks down that taste. My MLF bacteria was late getting here so no concurrent MLF inoculation.
  5. baron4406

    Got bad grapes-what would YOU do?

    No I don't worry about T/A in the primary, some will disagree I'm sure. I worry about PH in the primary. I was bitten a few years back when a Chilean blend I was doing had great T/A numbers, but a really low PH like 3.0. Basically it fermented ok but my MLF never got going. I actually did a...
  6. baron4406

    Got bad grapes-what would YOU do?

    Thanks for the advice, after doing alot of research I decided against them, the line I read of them "adding tannins and acid" is what made my decision for me. I need tannins but I DON'T need acid. Anyway last night I went for broke, the 150lbs of Noriet needed 17lbs of sugar to get to 24...
  7. baron4406

    Got bad grapes-what would YOU do?

    Just read up on them......UGH.......cyanide lol. Do you boil them before throwing them in?
  8. baron4406

    Got bad grapes-what would YOU do?

    Don't know of a source for them that I can get quickly
  9. baron4406

    Got bad grapes-what would YOU do?

    Oh I've made some of "Joe's Specials" from very cheap red wine kits. I'm almost embarrassed to say my wife prefers them to ANY other wine, even "good" red wine. Strange but its why ice cream comes in 1000 flavors.
  10. baron4406

    Got bad grapes-what would YOU do?

    Yea the added expense is not a big deal, the grapes were $.60/pound so even dumping them isn't a huge expense to me. I have carboys of Carmenere waiting for its time in a barrel, plus a 6.5 gallon carboy of Petite Syrah in storage too. I really wanted to do a "Fred Style" blending party. The...
  11. baron4406

    Got bad grapes-what would YOU do?

    Decided to do something radically different this year, I located a New York winery that sells grapes and decided to make it a nice vacation for me and the wife. We had a great time, the Finger Lakes are a wine enthusiasts paradise. Well when I got a grapes home and started to work with them my...
  12. baron4406

    2019 Grape Season

    Ordered my 100lbs of Corot Nior and 100lbs of Noriet from Fulkerson Winery and will be picking them up on October 8th. Long drive but gonna drive up Monday and get a room. For crushed grapes you have to be there 8am Tuesday morning. Just want to try something different getting some hybrids from...
  13. baron4406

    New Barrels for Forum Members

    ok let me know we might be up for a road trip. I imagine shipping would be rather steep
  14. baron4406

    New Barrels for Forum Members

    Yup still interested Fred, We meeting at the same place this year?
  15. baron4406

    Used Barrel for Staves

    I've actually thought of that John............
  16. baron4406

    Unimpressed with top line kits?

    Thats actually easy. It was red wine so the time from making it to drinking it was 2 years. Well in that time I also made wine a bunch of different ways and I'm here to tell you juice buckets are downright horrible unless you manipulate the heck out of them...........and why bother doing it with...
  17. baron4406

    2nd Annual M.A.N.E. Event

    I'm actually putting away money now for next year. Health problems were the big problem this year with C. Hope everybody had fun
  18. baron4406

    Chileans, Finally!

    John my 2017 Syrah was the tastiest wine I've ever made. Out of the barrel it was very fruity and wonderful. I just cracked a bottle this week and was very disappointed. All the flavor seemed to be gone. So I'm aging it more and hoping for the best
  19. baron4406

    Using Inert Gas - Argon Newbie

    Stickman I'm actually experimenting with this..........kinda. I've been told by a few local winemakers @ the local wineries here is to not worry so much about keeping carboys topped off for the first month or two. One guy told me that big reds need a little O2 early in their life after primary...
  20. baron4406

    Using Inert Gas - Argon Newbie

    My local winery ages their wine for 24 months and never tops off the barrel. He simply purges the barrel once a month with Nitrogen. I mentioned that one here and a whole pile of "experts" told me his wine was vinegar probably. Mighty fine tasting vinegar I must say! Still as a home winemaker...