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    I went for a walk about and to taste many Rioja

    Thanks ChuckD! Just ordered a copy of the book from Amazon. Can't wait to read it.
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    I went for a walk about and to taste many Rioja

    Hi Group, I'm back!! We walked half of the Camino de Santiago Frances and tasted many wonderful Rioja wines along the way. What a grape sensation those wines are. We were again introduced to digestives... with one in particular in the Basque region called 'Pacharan'. It is a combination of Sloe...
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    Liquid Oak extract

    I think that it is fairly consistent, although it is early in my trials to really know... I can't seem to age wine for more than a year right now due to Covid forced consumption levels to deter any viruses from ... you know. Anyway, it seems to be something to play with, and an Oaked Rose is an...
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    Liquid Oak extract

    Hi, Yes... I use liquid oak... and was warned that it only takes a few drops to make a difference. I use frozen skins and stems to give body and am working with the oak liquid just recently to try vs Oak chips. I made one batch of Zinfandel, but I didn't realize that the oak liquid bottle didn't...
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    Changing the volume of a kit

    I've been making wine kits for a few years now. I've been encouraged by other wine kit makers to add "Skins" to my wine for bigger body taste. I've also added an extra yeast, peppercorns, and in a Chardonnay added the zest of 3 organic oranges to the fermentation stage with tannins added to keep...
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    What's in your glass tonight?

    I did a Lodi Old Zin a few years back. The juice in Canada is very pricey, but if I could keep my hands off of it for a year, it would be another great wine to start. I love the richness, and the flavors of this Old Vine Zin. Well done... make some more!!
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    New guy on the block

    Thanks for all the well wishes guys. I will reach out for more help along the way...
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    New guy on the block

    Hi there, I'm Rockymtn... a wine maker in training. We had been buying our wine kits from Costco. Decent enough, but always missing something. I went to one of my local wine stores, and got information about adding skins, Oak, Peppercorns, extra yeast etc. It has taken our wines to a whole new...