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  1. sly22guy

    Is this normal?

    Did your primary have alot of sediment? Ive never made strawberry but my peach had an ungodly amount of sediment. im assuming it already dropped to 1.000 or lower? if so i would let it go for a month or so and then rack it off. your going to have to let it sit for quite awhile until it will...
  2. sly22guy

    What is your age?

    I'm 39 and started making wine as a hobby about 6 years ago. kids came and life got busy again so its been "aging" Ive got 5 gallons of apple that has been bulk aging for the past two years. That is one of the things i like about this hobby its mostly when you have time.
  3. sly22guy

    Old Cider Press

    Why not get a tap and rethread it to whatever you like?
  4. sly22guy


    That was funny i got tears in my eyes laughing so hard!
  5. sly22guy

    question about fermenter

    I just set the lid on loosely.
  6. sly22guy

    I am new and have gotten into a situation

    how large is your bucket? you should use a large enough bucket so that you have at least 5-6" of space from the top. No need for airlock for the first week or so. it will be throwing off enough gas that it wont be necessary. Like Julie said a hydrometer would be a wise investment.
  7. sly22guy

    Its been awhile!

    Hey just wanted to drop by and say hi! Life has been crazy the past couple of years. A good crazy but all the same. I have Two daughters now and that really ties up my wine making time. I've had a batch of Blueberry/Pomegranate Bulk aging for nearly 2 years.... I did sample it the other...
  8. sly22guy

    Finally got motivated to make some wine 1 ? though

    Yeah now that my daughter is almost two i figured i better get my butt in gear. plus hopefully next year my vines will be producing.
  9. sly22guy

    Finally got motivated to make some wine 1 ? though

    Starting a batch of Vintners Harvest Blackberry. I have Cote des Blancs or Lalvin EC1118. Any suggestions on which would be better? Or should i run out and get something different? This batch is a 6 gal. batch i plan on taking 2 gallons of this and making a brandy out of it.:sh Also...
  10. sly22guy

    Cleaning bottles and carboys

    Get your self a bottle washer. Hooks to your sink and shoots a high pressure stream and rinses them out awesome. Got my off eBay for cheap. It can do two bottles at a time plus it works really good for carboy's too.
  11. sly22guy

    Cleaning bottles and carboys

    I wouldn't recomend putting your better bottles in there either!:HB And yes Unscented Oxy Clean is the way to go. I still spritz with potassium meta-sulfate before i bottle.
  12. sly22guy

    How much sugar to raise SG in Kit?

    I know with some juice buckets that some times they will begin to ferment on there own so that when you get them the sg could be lower, not sure about the kits but i would imagine that that is possible with them too.
  13. sly22guy

    Oh no....What did i do wrong?

    pouring it at this stage is fine the extra O2 wont hurt it any. i would do whichever is easiest for you. I would siphon just for the fact i wouldnt have to lift the carboy.
  14. sly22guy

    Refermentation question.

    So the lowest SG reading you had prior to stabilizing and back sweetening was only 1.00? It should have dropped lower than that. What temp did you keep your carboy at? As my own person rule of thumb i will wait a minimum of 6 months before i bottle but i always wait until it falls clear.
  15. sly22guy

    1 gallon welches wine ferments out in 8 days ??

    that should work fine, and yes i forgot to mention to stabilize prior to doing so.
  16. sly22guy

    Apfelwein (Hard German Apple Cider)

    if your going to use the yeast for pee you will need to rack to a secondary after the sg has dropped below 1.00. if you let it run full course the alcohol will kill off most of the viable yeast. also let this stuff age! 6 months is good but a year is better, 2 year is outstanding!
  17. sly22guy

    What R you doing today?

    Im back! Ive been on the shelf aging for a while, like my wine. Last year was a busy year for me. I have a not so new daughter Aubrie (9 months old). On the up side my blueberry/pom aged for a year and turned out amazing! The peach finally cleared and tastes wonderful. My apple is still...
  18. sly22guy

    1 gallon welches wine ferments out in 8 days ??

    you could find a similar syrup to what you are using, that works well or u can take a can of concentrate without water added and simmer it down to a third of its original and add that. i use the syrup, sweetens and adds flavor at the same time. Also Most wines only take about a week or two to...
  19. sly22guy

    Kit againg

    also if you plan on keeping a wine for a number of years a good cork is needed also. I get some natural corks and usually will cork one or two bottles that i plan on saving.
  20. sly22guy

    Quality of wine from juice or concentrates?

    A lot of us on here make wines from Concentrate or 100% Juice. There are even some award winners! If you follow the steps and use quality products you should have good results. There are ton's of tips and hints to pickup on here. Don't use fruit cocktail juice. Welcome and make sure to...