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  1. Ike64

    C/D stand

    To strengthen my stand, I bought several lengths of steel flat bar with holes from Ace Hardware. The holes matched up well enough so I could span a diagonal along the sides and along the back, using the existing bolts on the stand. I used a grinder to trim off the excess.
  2. Ike64

    Carmenere yeast choice

    I have had success with the Rhone 226 with Syrah and Cabernet Franc - fruit forward, but not a fruit-bomb. I like your idea of the CSM to reduce herbaceousness. However, unless the grapes were picked way under-ripe, they will continue to ripen on their journey north - to state the obvious.
  3. Ike64

    Stubborn White Film Mold

    It sounds like you're keeping things clean. I presume your transfer hoses are being sanitized too. I think your SO2 levels might be too low to prevent the mold. I understand wanting to minimize SO2, but you need to have enough to protect the wine against this very thing. If it was me, I'd add...
  4. Ike64

    Degassing with wine whip - glass carboy with lots of oak cubes present

    If you keep the whip in the center, away from the sides and bottom, then I think you should be okay. I try to keep anything from banging in to the sides. IMO - Time is also a best way to degass.
  5. Ike64

    Infection during MLF

    If it was me, I'd rather have a tart wine, than a spoiled wine. If an infection started during MLF, then you might have elevated VA. You might get that tested along with acid forms and TA. I'd personally keep my SO2 levels up. If your acid is high, then you can use some calcium carbonate to...
  6. Ike64

    Tannin and Oak Spirals - when and how

    I concur with CDrew. If you have minimal head space at the top of the carboy, then gently stirring in sulfite, or tannins (if you use them) should not add too much oxygen. If the wine is still degassing or going through MLF , I also recommend leaving an airlock in a silicone stopper in the top...
  7. Ike64

    pitching yeast: to mix or not to mix?

    Follow the manufacturer's instructions to the letter! Do not use tap water when rehydrating, get a jug of high quality spring water or use distilled water. If the temperature difference between the yeast and the must/juice is more than about 15 or 20 degrees F, then add a little juice to the...
  8. Ike64

    Wine diamonds and carboy aging.

    I have an egress window next to my winery. This year, I'm thinking about getting a number of 4x8 insulating foam sheets and building a "box" around the carboys. Then opening the window for a week or two to lower the temp inside the box without freezing the whole basement. (Probably the first...
  9. Ike64

    Wine diamonds and carboy aging.

    I try to move everything to the garage when it gets cold too. I rack afterwards. Although lugging full carboys around the hours is "flirtin' with disaster".
  10. Ike64

    Wine diamonds and carboy aging.

    If possible, move the carboys to a location where the temperature will be around 45 degrees for a week or two. This will precipitate the wine diamonds pretty well. I think it's most important for whites because your can see them in the bottle. Lots of wine diamonds also means that there's a lot...
  11. Ike64

    Small Wine Barrel; Length of Aging

    I think Jim is correct. I'd shoot for the shorter time at first. Would you be willing to tell me where you got the barrel? Thanks.
  12. Ike64

    Choosing Bottle Style

    Being of Scottish descent I get my bottles from a local winery too. I also have started choosing the wines I buy by how easily the labels come off. "Wines of Substance 'Cs'" is my current personal favorite. ;)
  13. Ike64

    Cover primary at 1.00?

    Dittos about the Brute trash cans. If you're at 1.00 then you might consider pressing. If you cap is turning greyish or ashy, then it's time. (IMO).
  14. Ike64

    Grapes by mail

    I cannot recommend these guys. I ordered a bucket of cabernet sauvignon from them this past spring. It consisted of shredded grapes, stems and leaves. It looked like they filled a bucket from the trash. I tried making wine from it anyway, but it tastes like stems and leaves.
  15. Ike64

    Homemade vs. Commercial and what I am doing to close the gap

    Good list @Ajmassa The hard part is to remember to implement these come next fall. ;) My two cents worth. 2. I minimize rackings, too (mostly because of non-wine life). Stirring the lees (batonage) occasionally is important to increase mouthfeel and reduce acid of lower pH wines. 3. Totally...
  16. Ike64

    Suggestions for Riesling Kits

    I haven't tried one. I'll certainly check them out?
  17. Ike64

    Suggestions for Riesling Kits

    I want to make a dry riesling this spring before getting riesling grapes this fall. Can anyone recommend a good kit to try? Thanks!
  18. Ike64

    What's in your glass tonight?

    White and red for Valentine's Day Surf and Turf.
  19. Ike64

    Post a photo, any photo

    Testing some blends with some friends. Getting ready to ship off to the Winemaker Magazine contest.
  20. Ike64

    Help opening a micro winery

    I agree with Rocky. Furthermore, if the wine is really old, then it might be past it's prime. I recommend that you open a bottle or two and have others in the winery taste them to make sure the wines are still good.