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  1. Cycius

    Help the bigginer. Sediment/dust removal.

    I did ordered those things in web shop. Hidrometer gonna cost 6+ euros and i also ordered measuring cilinder and those potassium metabisulfite. I colected those grapes on 2020-09-13 and keep in bucket for about week. 2020-09-20 i extracted juice and put some boiled water and sugar and poured it...
  2. Cycius

    Help the bigginer. Sediment/dust removal.

    Thanks for answering my help call .I searched what does "specific gravity" means and i realized idea about it. I'm gonna buy hydromet and measure it. I think the fermentation is keep going coz the bubbles rushing up in both jugs. I guess while fermentation is going there is less risk of acetic...
  3. Cycius

    Help the bigginer. Sediment/dust removal.

    Hello everyone, i'm growing grapes for several years but in winemaking i'm new. I colected about 10 kg (about 22 lbs) of green grapes and extracted 7 litres of juice. Of course before that i smashed those grapes with hands and keept them in bucket for week. After that i extracted those juice...
  4. Cycius

    Unknown vinetree disease

    Hello, people asking me what's happening to their vinetrees but i do not know the answer. Thei said what vinetree leaves shrinks on most of the shoots.
  5. Cycius

    My vineyard

    I'm gonna tell about my vineyard with 4 vines. This is my oldest vine. Later i planted two more seedlings of this vine. This kind usually gives many average size grapes. These 2 plants are branches of the first one. I made these walls to pour these plants more effectively, walls are high...
  6. Cycius

    Hello from Lithuania

    Hello, i was interested in grapes long ago, i dreamed about my own vineyard and drawing it's location. In my yard was 2 vines, in 2013 i planted 2 more of them and at the same year i had quite success with harvest. In 2014 i did not take care of them well and in 2015 harvest was ruined by...