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    Finer Wine Kit Finer Wine Kits

    Brewing beer for over 30 years but only making wine about 4 years. My local brew supply store also sells wine kits and supplies. On the subject of cheap wine kits, I made two kits of the same style from Wine Expert. One was their mid-priced kit and the other was the lower cost kit. Both made...
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    Guess it pays to read old post. My Amazon natural corks leaked as well. From now on I just purchase from my local supply store. In 30 plus years everytime I've had issues they have gone out of thier way to correct the issue. Thank you Listermann's!
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    I think I'm just short for my weight.
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    Newbie questions???

    If you do the food saver route, try this: Get the carboy cap with four post and cut the top from the post with the small hole. (Amazon?) Fermentology Carboy Caps – 4 Pk Silicone Caps for Fermenting in 3/5/6 Gallon Glass Jugs The Food Saver accessory will be a tight fit but works great. After a...
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    Newbie questions???

    Corks!!! I came from the beer homebrews and always put my bottle caps in Star San solution for sanitation. The last two years I started to make wine. I carried over many of my practices rom brewing over to making wine. What is with the K-meta sterilizing solution and holding over the solution...
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    Newbie questions???

    I tried to use my Food Saver with a carboy airlock cap to ge-gas my wine. I did the wine whip then the vacuum for about 4 hours until the bubbles stoped. So far it looks good but time will tell. Has anyone else tried this?
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    Still new in home wine making

    New to wine making. Made beer for over 30 years and have a few questions. Can I use my refractometer with ATC to measure wine O.G,? Where is a good source for how to make wine from Bello Juice buckets? Thanks