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  1. Loghousewines

    New person from Tacoma WA

    Sounds like fun. I have made about 100 gallons in last few years from kits. Most have been pretty good. But need to move to grapes since we have such great vineyards locally.
  2. Loghousewines

    New person from Tacoma WA

    Greetings Paul, welcome, I'm from Olympia. Been making kit wines for a few years. Looking forward to moving to using grapes.
  3. Loghousewines

    kit wine without chemicals

    Found it takes at least 18 to 24 months for the kit smell and taste to go away totally. I would put my kit wines up against any $25 wines. Patience, patience, patience and having lots of other wine ready.
  4. Loghousewines

    Topping off Mead

    A couple of bottles of your recent bottling, or some bottles of something similar, or if you have an All in one vac pump use a head space eliminator.
  5. Loghousewines

    Lost wine after fermentation

    I don't worry about headspace anymore since using the All in one vacumn headspace eliminator. It pulls about 20 inches of vacumn.
  6. Loghousewines


    Welcome Mrose from Washington State.
  7. Loghousewines

    Wine cellar build step 1...racks

    Lights. LED strip lights. Home Depot, 25' for $65. Peel and stick, very nice lights.
  8. Loghousewines

    New member from S.W. WA State

    Hey George and Cody, I live on Steamboat Peninsula, we should all meet up.
  9. Loghousewines

    Bottled my first kit wine

    Buy more carboys and let them bulk age 2 years. That way you can tweek easier. Also just taste a small amount every two months, tweek em, and add k-meta. 18 months is a big turning point in kits from average to pretty good.
  10. Loghousewines

    Wine cellar build step 1...racks

    Just finished my wine rack/bar. Turned out better than expected.
  11. Loghousewines

    First kit started tonight!

    Give them time..... All of my bulk aging wine really turned the corner at 18 months. I like oak, and have found that once you rack off the oak you lose 50% of the oakiness so aim high. I have 8 carboys aging, all big reds and an empty fermentation bucket but no more carboys. Have to bottle or...
  12. Loghousewines

    Wine Kit Woes

    Let them sit. 18 months they really start to mature nicely.
  13. Loghousewines

    Other What would you make again?

    RJS En Primeur Italy Super Tuscan started Jan. 2017. Bulk aged since. Tasted yesterday, really good up front, great body, wonderful finish. Will bottle in two months. Will start another one of these soon.
  14. Loghousewines

    how to use a hydrometer for newbies

    Thanks Jim, nice job. Also always recommend to have a spare one or two on hand. They break easy and roll off things.
  15. Loghousewines

    How Many Carboys You Got?

    Got started 6 months ago and have 6-6 gallon 2-3 gallon 4-1 gallon I have to keep sneaking them em a few at a time.
  16. Loghousewines

    Storing of bottle wines in a refrigerator

    I bought a freezerless refrigerator at Sears and added the temp control probe. Works great. Added a few supports and it stores about 12 cases of wine. I placed a tray of water to get humidity up so corks don't dry up.
  17. Loghousewines

    1st transfer and ALOT of CO2

    Wow, what is the wine? Hiw long was it on yeast?
  18. Loghousewines

    Forgot to put water in airlock...

    Do you want dry wine or sweeter wine? Are you going to back sweeten? Your ABV is 11.2 now...
  19. Loghousewines

    Forgot to put water in airlock...

    you havent said what you got here yet. Typically it's done when your SG reads the same three days in a row.