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  1. Winot

    got a big thumbs up from the wife

    LOL - Some things are true, regardless of culture. I get all sorts of looks :tz when I commandeer the kitchen for a night of wineing (or whineing). But man can she drink the stuff :d. The fun starts when she has a sip of my wine and does the requisite head-shaking :slp :re but every so often I...
  2. Winot

    Ginger Wine.

    Found your recipe for ginger wine Allie, in the recipe section. Duh - I should have looked earlier. Looks delicious. I am going to try and reproduce it starting tomorrow. (Have just started a coffee wine tonight while sipping on Tia Maria for inspiration).
  3. Winot

    Ginger Wine.

    Hi Allie, I am toying with the idea of trying a ginger wine. I see you were pleased with the result. How would you rate it on a scale of reasonable, good or fantastic, and is the recipe posted on this site somewhere ? I would like to give it a try. What did you use in addition to ginger to...
  4. Winot

    Bitter plum wine

    Koko, I think Winemaker is dead right. I had a similar experience with a strawberry wine. In my case, I believe that the numerous very fine strawberry seeds that occur on the surface skin of the strawberry contributed a lot of tannin. Possibly I shouldn't have used a blender to crush the...
  5. Winot

    What is the longest secondary can stay unsanitized after its dry?

    That is a question I often ask myself - or put in a different way if I read your query correctly - "How long can I safely bulk age wine for 'between' consecutive sulphite doses" I understand 3-4 months is the rule of thumb. A couple of my batches of wine (being bulk aged after 1 campden...
  6. Winot

    Any one ever use POM juice to make wine?

    Hi Subnate, I recently made a batch of Pomegranate-Cranberry wine from juice. My first actual juice-only wine. The recipe ingredients are (for a 16 litre batch): 5.90 litres Bickfords 100% Pomegranate Juice (reconstituted). 2.75 litres Sunraysia Cranberry Juice (30% juice). 6.00 litres...
  7. Winot

    Lychee-Guava Wine (using pulped guava juice)

    Luc, I agree 200% with your posted comment ..... "Lychee wine is just great !!! " This batch (mostly canned lychee with a little guava juice) is now almost 9 months, and I have to say, it is luscious, sweet, smooth, well rounded with great body (I am talking wine). When chilled - it makes...
  8. Winot

    Query re- base recipe for Cranberry-Pomegranate juice wine

    Thanks Tom, NSwiner and ArcticsSid, Finally got around to getting my 7th batch up and running. This time - Pomegranate-Cranberry (juice) wine. This is the home-figured recipe I concocted for 16 litres of must .... 5.9 litres Bickfords 100% (reconsituted) Pomegranate juice (~A$5/litre)...
  9. Winot

    Northland 100% Pomegranate Juice

    Hi Maincr, I too have just started a Pomegranate (100% juice) + (a little Cranberry juice) wine. I also used a 50:50 juice-to-water ratio, with a starting SG of 1085 and Acid set to 0.65. Almost identical to your recipe, and its blurping away behind me as I type. I didn't add any tannin...
  10. Winot

    off to a shaky start on pineapple recipe. need advice.

    Wyntheef, I made a batch of pineapple wine last year - It works well. In case this helps ... I fermented 3 fruit wines using exactly the same yeast (Red Star - Premier Curvee): 1) An Apricot must 2) A Pineapple must 3) A Strawberry must. I found that the Pineapple must frothed and...
  11. Winot

    Query re- base recipe for Cranberry-Pomegranate juice wine

    Most of my previous 6 batches of wine were made from fruit, however I have decided to try a home-made recipe from bottled cranberry juice and bottled pomegranate juice. Sunraysia Cranberry Fruit Juice (30% natural juice). Bickfords Pomegranate Juice (100% juice from concentrate)...
  12. Winot

    Siphoning Question

    Wade, What are those orange caps that you use to seal the receiving container in order to establish a good vacuum ? Also what is the model of the vac-pump and how is it rated in terms of vacuum strength ? Thanks
  13. Winot

    Next Step?

    Hi Bill, How is that Strawberry wine going ? Can you keep us updated in regards to that "bitter" aftertaste that you noted at week 2 ? My strawberry wine at 6 months has the same bitter feature, though beautifully clear, nice boquet and pleasant mild strawberry taste (no off smells at all)...
  14. Batch 5: Lychee-Guava wine (18th August 2009 - Day 1 primary fermentation)

    Batch 5: Lychee-Guava wine (18th August 2009 - Day 1 primary fermentation)

  15. Winot

    Lychee-Guava Wine (using pulped guava juice)

    Luc – My test results are very interesting at this early stage. I ran a test of my Stevenson Reeves hydrometer using fairly controlled conditions as you suggested above. (btw - I am presuming here that there is not too much variation in the mass of different types of stock-standard white...
  16. Winot

    Lychee-Guava Wine (using pulped guava juice)

    hhmmmm - I will measure out 50, 100 and 200g in 1 litre later tonight and see what my hydrometer says ! Luc - it is a ... "Stevenson Reeves Ltd" hydrometer. Made in Scotland. #S1011. It has 3 scales: 1) SG at 20 degs; 2) Potential % ALC; 3) Approx! sugar grammes/litre. (It...
  17. Winot

    Lychee-Guava Wine (using pulped guava juice)

    Luc - I made 2 independent estimates of sugar content in my lychee-guava must before adding the yeast starter, and they agree reasonably well ! Method 1 – Calculating Sugar Requirement from SG (needs additional 759g). I measured SG before adding the starter, but after the pectinase had...
  18. Winot

    Comment by 'Winot' in media 'preserves cupboard looking a bit empty..'

    Solution to the apple problem ?
  19. Winot

    DewBerry Question

    Will you make DEWse out of them for your wine ?! :p