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    Honeysuckle wine question

    The ratio of fresh to dry herbs is usually 3 tsp fresh to 1 tsp dried, so maybe try that. I've always used fresh flowers - I'd be very interested to know how dried turns out, if when dried it keeps it's nectar flavor or not. I've made mint wine, where I couldn't use it immediately so I dried...
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    Has anyone made honeysuckle wine?

    OK, @BigDaveK, I have enough honeysuckle in the freezer for my wine. May put the must together today. Quick question about yours where you put the flowers in for fermentation. You say that it is fruity. I think you were the person who also made daylily wine and it originally came out fruity...
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    The use of Rose Petals in a recipe

    😂 Have fun! Would love to hear your update.
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    Struggling to find bulk lemon juice in the UK, will this work?

    Yes. Same recipe, just different lemon juice.
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    Struggling to find bulk lemon juice in the UK, will this work?

    I don't know if this will be helpful, but Amazon sells an organic lemon juice, Italian Volcano, that I made a Skeeter Pee version with. It turned out incredible. Not Skeeter Pee-ish at all, it has a much more refined taste than the Real Lemon brand I usually use. Here's a link to one of the...
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    The use of Rose Petals in a recipe

    I would suggest you experiment to find your taste preference. I can say, though, that the amount I use in conjunction with the tea to top off gives the wine a beautiful rose bouquet and tastes like you’d expect from its aroma. The honey ties it all together beautifully. When I think about it, I...
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    The use of Rose Petals in a recipe

    Here you go! (I'm awfully excited to be asked to share the recipe!) This is my original recipe. The other rose petal amount was from a tweak I'd made from a 1 1/2 gal batch I'd made last year - opened to that note page in error when I first replied. I hope you love it as much as my family...
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    The use of Rose Petals in a recipe

    About 3 cups petals to 2 cups water. Concentrated flavor with enough water to mostly if not completely top off. If I need more I add some dry white wine to finish - usually about 1/2 cup or less is needed for me. Same for next racking if needed. Last time I made it at my third racking I just...
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    The use of Rose Petals in a recipe

    I make a rose petal wine that is simply outstanding. It's my most requested wine. I use 3 1/2 cups dried, organic, food grade petals and 1 ripe banana. At the second racking I always run short (I make 1 gal batches because I'm little and no way I can wrangle a 5 gal batch) on liquid. It...
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    Has anyone made honeysuckle wine?

    Thank you very much for this! Would never have considered orange juice as a compliment, and now I'm intrigued. Will give this a go when the flowers are in bloom!
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    Has anyone made honeysuckle wine?

    Thanks for the reply. I may drop some pectic enzyme in this weekend then, even though it had no fruit anything added to it, maybe the flowers have pectin in them? I'll try that before I try sparkoloid. I like to let wines clear naturally, too, but after 9 months it should be clearer. I...
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    Has anyone made honeysuckle wine?

    BigDave did you use a clearing agent? I made one last May using Keller's recipe in his book, and it will not clear. Cold crashing did nothing, nor did racking afterwards. I'm afraid a clearing agent will strip some of that delicate flavor, but really don't want to bottle cloudy wine. I used...
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    1st trip to Napa!!! help???

    When we visited a year and a half ago, we drove to Napa. Most wineries required reservations, so before just going to the valley I recommend going online to see if reservations are still required at those you wish to visit. We skipped the big name wineries that are on store shelves as we can...
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    My wildest - Day Lily JUICE! I'm going for it!

    I made a daylily wine from fresh, double daylily orange flowers last year. The color is orange - and I mean orange! It's gorgeous! The flavor out of primary was fruity, and cleared beautifully. Now, as I wait a few more months for it to bulk age, the flavor is still fruity but not as much...
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    NY Times: The American wine industry has an old people problem

    While I can say my 27 year old daughter has always disdained wine, preferring cocktails and beer, she is coming around! She lives in another state so doesn't get to try many of my wines, but has confessed she's learning to like wine. It was a sheepish confession, given her previously clear...
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    White stuff on my wine? Spoiled?

    Thank you for this tip!! I only make gallons, and the math in getting kmeta right has about done me in (that's why I work with words, not numbers!). I've found ick growing in my carboys because I undermeasured kmeta, as I'm always afraid to add too much. This tip will save my wine!
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    What are you making and what have you made ???

    I'm still new, only making wine for just over a year, but I've had some great success with some I've made. - Blackberry, my first last year. Very tart but very berry, aging in bottles to see how it finally turns out. -Rose petal back sweetened with honey. Outstanding, giving a new batch as...
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    1 gallon apple spice wine recipe????

    I haven't tried to make a spiced apple wine yet, but I did make an outstanding spiced pumpkin wine using just 1 1/2 Tbs pumpkin pie spice in primary for my 1 gallon recipe. I also added sugar and chardonnay at 2 of the rackings, making it a sweet, spiced wine.
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    Wanted Budget wine maker in need of bottles (Seattle)

    I go to a local winery at the end of a weekend day, and leave with a minimum of 2 cases of bottles. I wash with blue Dawn and a bottle brush, then soak in OxyClean in hot water to cleanse and help remove labels. Rinse thoroughly, quick blast with StarSan and let them dry. I store upside down...
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    Day Lily Wine - I'm going for it!

    The spray I get at Lowe's works when sprayed on the buds and flowers. This year a particularly aggressive doe, who won't even run from my dog and me working together, ate buds ready to flower, even leaving the pistil behind one one of them! Argh. The thing about the spray, though, is you have...