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    How do you get the tartness out of wine?

    We make wine out of our Apache Blackberries and it is a dry wine. It always turns out pretty tart is there some way to take the tartness out of it before bottling?
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    Hello from Missouri

    Hello, My husband and I have been making wine for about 8 yrs. now and always looking for something new to make wine from. Working on Dandelions now. I hope to enjoy this group for a long time.
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    Question about dandelion wine

    I have been reading for days about making dandelion wine and I have collected about 3 gallons so far. They are in my freezer. I have read it is ok to leave the green on that is under the flower but to make sure the stem is off so it won't be bitter. I have the stem off all of them, I sure want...