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    Hello from Missouri

    I am in missouri too (close to Hermann) ,but i know there is a homebrew/winemaking supply store in springfield (actually ozark missouri) called the homebrewery. Google homebrewery springfield mo and it should come up. They can point you to local home winemaking clubs
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    Second attempt at wine, very confused.

    Hmmm i am going to suggest a couple things a beginner might misunderstand.Ok first are you taking your hydrometer reading very soon after adding the sugar? Sugar must be fully dissolved i.e. no granules on bottom when you stir it to get an accurate reading. I might also suggest STRONGLY you...
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    Best cleaner

    oky-clean free here also i do both beer and wine and yet again the per carbonate impressed me. But remember oxy-clean free still has other additives Easy clean and One step do not. So i rinse just to be on the safe side. Then spray bottle star san before using.
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    2017 Elderberries

    I am in mo to , close to Hermann mo. Drinking a glass of some Elder/Black i made last yr, its very good. I had several request from guys i work with to "Gift" them a bottle or 2 for Memorial Weekend, most had tried it before and were very pleased
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    Merry Christmas to ya'll

    Merry Christmas Folks
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    First Mead, slow ferment?

    Hmm i think u might be misunderstanding the 1/3 break concept. But all the yeast should have all been added at the start imho (ive made prolly 50 batches of 5 gallon mead). Also u may want to rethink the 71b. Why well 1 very good reason for home mead makers. 71b can NOT be left on the wine after...
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    What fruit or berry plant can grow good in zone 8A?

    DO NOT Forget ELDERBERRY Plants Excellent Wine. Need a source shoot me an email subject elderberries at [email protected]
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    Srainer Bag

    I just put 18 pound of cut up peaches in a fine brewing bag. Works like a charm . The pectic enzyme and action of the yeast will still disintegrate the peaches also. Just make sure you punch the bag down at least once a day while fermentation is occuring. I might also recommend vintners harvest...
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    Peach price

    I did not freeze mine this yr although i do agree the freezing helps with the juicing. But between adding pectic enzyme and the yeast working on the sugar in them i don't see a problem. I ended up with 18# and added 3 gallons spring water to bring total volume up to 5.5 gal.
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    Peach price

    Just got peaches today i got a half bushel of (seconds) for 20 and bought a half peck of grade 1 for 7. The #1 are $1.60 a pound but this is from a local orchard that has good local grown produce. Sometimes its not all about whats the cheapest but also about quality, and supporting the local...
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    I to have 4 bushes i planted 1.5 yrs ago. To early but i am anticipating trying them to see if they do indeed taste similar to a blueberry and to make wine with them
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    Strawberry Wine 2016

    Been drinking my blackberry from last yr .Its the best i have made in 5+ yrs of learning this art. I have a bumper crop of blackberries this yr so may make 5 gal instead of 1
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    Strawberry Wine 2016

    I just got done mixing up my strawberry wine for 2016. It consisted of 18lbs. thawed strawberry's from some Amish folks i know of, in 3 gallons of water with 1.5 tsp pectic enzyme,3 TBS liquid tannin,1 tsp citric acid and 3/16 tsp k meta . I will let it set for 24 hrs then pitch some vintners...
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    Braggot Recipe

    I have made the defalcos a few times. Its a pretty strong ending braggot but pretty good also I have heard this one is excellent
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    sausage stuffer as a fruit press

    Ya know i have been pondering this as well. I have a 15 pound vertical stuffer that i have been thinking of using as a press. I think having a false bottom and containing your fruit in a fine mesh fermentation bag may be the way to go.
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    Amateur Winemakers Meet and Greet the Pros

    i bookmarked the missouri valley a couple years ago but their forum gets little traffic , I believe they hold meetings at warrenton and bob truetken was the contact man??????
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    Amateur Winemakers Meet and Greet the Pros

    Glad you posted this. New Haven is one town over from the town i call home. So wife and i might have to attend
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    SP Technical Question

    I believe it has to do with the high acidity and fast fermentation . In a nutshell the lemon hides alot of the imperfections of the wine.I tell you a vid that really opened my eyes to the aspects of wine is this one I made a mead that tasted drinkable...
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    Sassafras Melomel,

    I have made tea from the tree many times but not wine. I do believe they used it for sassparilla soda at some point in time????? Maybe not i dont know for sure
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    Purchasing Bulk Honey

    At the risk of offending some folks might i suggest wal mart. I have used their pure n simple honey for years to make my basic show mead and it does well. It is (true source) certified and is a very good quality product for the money. I just bought 4 5#jugs for around $14.50 a piece i think