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  1. J

    Acid adjustment?

    This is a great thread, thanks to the OP and contributors. Question on the above: If i wanted to experiment with this, what proportions of sugar would you recommend? Any specific type of sugar? Corn? Table?
  2. J

    California Chardonnay Bucket.

    So was the MLF completed or are you just stopping it where it is at?
  3. J

    Sat way too long! I NEED THIS FORUMS HELP!

    Oh Bother (in my best Winnie the Pooh). Ferment it, rack it, clear it, rack it. Let it sit for months and months and months. Bottle, let sit for months and months and months. Drink!
  4. J

    How does lower pH improved the efficacy of SO2?

    Thank God there is a chart.
  5. J

    Aging: Bulk vs bottle

    So you are saying sorbate is strictly a backsweetening tool? Noob here. I added sorbates to a white non-mlf wine because I also thought it protected against oxidation as well as arresting fermentation.
  6. J

    Green ginger wine recipe ?

    Hmmm, I have some green tea balls from Asia and some Mascobado sugar from the Philippines. I need to try this.
  7. J

    Noob: First batch from juice

    Process / equipment options question: I have 6 gal batches of Amarone and Barolo through most of primary. I still need to MLF. They are in loose lid 7.9 gal fermenters and will need to be racked. These Italian wines are expensive to top up, as I learned when I racked my Nebbiolo over to a 6 gal...
  8. J

    Volcano Foaming. Why?

    My OCD has officially kicked in and I was forced to purchase two more pails of italian grape juice. Like every other bucket I purchased, they were in full fermentation before I could pitch the yeast. I had to roll down the windows of the car to air out the CO2 on the hour ride home. I mixed a...
  9. J

    Noob: First batch from juice

    Thanks for the reply and advice. I already racked it over and added before the comment tho.:: I had about a gallon left that I was storing in the fridge to bottle, but that disappeared at my World Series party Saturday night. I must be doing something right.:dg
  10. J

    Bottle filler I think they have already answered.:h "A favorite of small wineries, clubs, and out-of-control home winemakers."
  11. J

    Noob: First batch from juice

    I clarified the Pinot Grigio with kieselsol and chitosan 2 days ago. I'm going to rack it, add isinglass, rack it back over to a 5 gallon carboy this weekend and whatever is left over gets bottled for Thanksgiving. The rest goes to sleep for a while.
  12. J

    Blending Cab / merlot, No MLF, MLF question.

    Thanks. I'm going to MLF both of them today.
  13. J

    Blending Cab / merlot, No MLF, MLF question.

    I have a pail of cab sav and a pail of merlot and I definitely plan on blending some portions of these down the road. Both are in latter stages of fermentation, cab at 1.012 and Merlot at 1.010. After tasting both, I kinda like where the cab is at but would definitely want to MLF the merlot...
  14. J

    Noob: First batch from juice

    So the Pinot Grigio is at .990 and has been in a primary for 12 days. I'm ready to rack it over to a glass carboy. Now is the time to treat with Sorbates and KMeta, correct? It's not going thru MLF.
  15. J


    I join in your hatred of wayward siphon hoses.....
  16. J

    Noob: First batch from juice

    Lots of goodies have arrived the last few days. 2 oz of med toast french oak chips went into the Nebbiolo this morning. A pail of cab and a pail of merlot were pitched with RC212 and BM 4x4 respectively. Both were already fermenting. The cab was down to 1.064 and when I stirred in the...
  17. J

    New Wine Room

    Not very often I would read 25 pages in a thread, but that was well worth the time. Really, really nice effort with commensurate results. Spectacular finish. Thanks for sharing.
  18. J

    Noob: First batch from juice

    Alright, thanks. Montepulciano kit is racked to a carboy for final clearing of 8 days. Then it gets racked to a 5 gal container for bulk storage and bottle the rest :ib. Nebbiolo is racked and in MLF. Pinot Grigio still needs some time. 1.020. :ft Thanks everyone, much appreciated!
  19. J

    Noob: First batch from juice

    OK. This red is ready for MLF. It's below 1.000. Do I need headspace in a glass carboy for this, or should I make sure it's topped up. Thanks in advance.
  20. J

    Noob: First batch from juice

    Well, live and learn. Had a big party this weekend and couldn't pitch the yeast until today. The red had already fermented with wild yeast down to 1.036 from 1.070's. I pitched the BM45 anyway after rehydrating it for 30 minutes. Wine smells good, lots of little bubbles floating to the surface...