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    Mildew on inside of cork?

    Thanks, I’ve posted this question in different venues and this is the most convincing I’ve seen. Thanks
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    Mildew on inside of cork?

    I'm assuming you mean an old bottle of wine? It was bottled about a year ago.
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    Mildew on inside of cork?

    I’m not sure if this is mildew on the inside of the cork or not? No odors and the Chardonnay tastes great but when I give away bottles I’m afraid it might freak someone out. #1) Does it look like mildew and #2) If I want to re-cork do I risk oxidation? Thanks!
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    Starting specific gravity

    UPDATE: I just talked to the manufacturer and the markings on the side of the bucket are US Gals. They said I still can add more water. Now my question is can I add water 5 days after I added the yeast or should I leave it and when it's ready rack it into a 5 gal carboy? Starting S.G. was 1.104
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    This works well

    I just did 30 bottles today with Oxiclean and it worked very well taking off labels and the glue.
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    Customizable online wine label sight.

    Looking for a free customizable online wine label sight that I can create to turn into vinyl labels.
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    Starting specific gravity

    Yes, with a 6 gal wine kit I only filled the bucket to the 5 imperial gal mark. I'm thinking their marks might be off.
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    Starting specific gravity

    Thanks for the comment :) I'm thinking the markings on my bucket may be off. They are also imperial gals. This was my first batch and I didn't verify the markings.
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    Starting specific gravity

    Hi, I have a wine kit and my starting specific gravity is 1.104. It came with EC-1118 yeast. Will fermentation start with this?
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    WineXpert Using less water in a kit

    Would you follow the same kit instruction as if you were using the full 27 litres for the 19 litres?