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    Apfelwein ?

    Sure you could add it to the secondary. I would probably just use one stick of cinnamon for a gallon. I tie a string around my cinnamon sticks and suspend them in the wine. I use the rubber bung to secure the loose end of the string.
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    Apfelwein ?

    Thanks Allie. Yes I have not had a lot of time to spend online lately but I try to check back in every so often.
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    Apfelwein ?

    I back sweeten mine with sugar. For a five gallon batch I add 3 - 6 inch cinnamon sticks to the primary.
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    Bottling Skeeter Pee w/tea

    I guess time will tell if it will spoil. I mixed and bottled a whole batch (5 gal) - 10 gal mixed. As good as it tastes I don't think it will be around long enough to spoil. I like that the alcohol is now around 5% that puts it around an average beer. I used instant tea. I made 5 gallons of tea...
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    Bottling Skeeter Pee w/tea

    Thanks Arctic. I see on the website where the skeeter pee itself has been bottled but my concern is bottling it after it has been blended with the tea. I am wondering if I should be concerned with shelf life since it has been diluted by half?
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    Bottling Skeeter Pee w/tea

    So I made a batch of skeeter pee and decided to see what it would taste like if I mixed some of it with iced tea. After stabilizing the pee I mixed it 50/50 with the tea and sweetened to taste. The taste was great, kind of like a hard Arnold Palmer. :d By mixing it 50/50 that would make it about...
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    Musty smell to White Grape wine

    Hello Nicpay... You didn't mention the current state of the wine. Is it bottled, aging in a carboy, or is it still in a bucket, etc?
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    Hot Cinnamon Wine Ideas?

    Thanks St Allie that is definitely an option I could look at. Maybe I will put together a 1 gal. batch and see what happens.
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    Hot Cinnamon Wine Ideas?

    Looking for ideas to make a Hot Cinnamon wine. Something that would taste similar to red hots or the atomic fireball candies. I am thinking that coming up with the cinnamon flavor shouldn't be a problem but where does the heat come from? I don't think cinnamon oil is an option because it...
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    Hello from central Ohio

    Hello, from Ohio as well... Cleveland area. Welcome
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    What R you doing today?

    Just started a batch of skeeter pee. YIKES ! :r
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    Do You Get Headaches Drinking WINE?

    I second that!
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    Your birth song

    Can't Buy Me Love - Beatles
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    I use put sanitizing solution in mine too.
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    Corking 101

    I don't soak my corks. I just sanitize them with some one step. I use natural #8's with a hand corker. I put my bottles back in the box with the dividers and then I cork them. The box helps to steady them and keeps them from moving when you cork them. So far no problems but then again my wine...
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    Anyone ever pitch yeast from a past primary onto new must?

    I have done this a couple of times with Apfelwein. It worked great for me. Yeast was Montrachet.
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    What is K-meta

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    What is K-meta

    I am looking through the recipes and a lot of them call for K-Meta. Is this the same as campden tablets? Any differences? I have been using campden. Thanks
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    Hello from Ohio

    Doh! LOL... I guess the correct answer would be yes to both. :h
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    Hello from Ohio

    Thanks... Cleveland