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    WineXpert Bulk Ageing WE Eclispe Zinfandel

    I have been bulk aging my wine for 2 years. Now that is a long long time, but I want to achieve a smoother, full bodied taste. I would like to swap a bottle of my soon to be bottled Eclipse OV Zinn for a 6 month old bottle to compare. Any one interested, please let me know. Merry...
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    No Cubes when Oaking?

    Thanks for bringing the topic up. I recently tasted a really good commercial Zinn that was fermented in oak buckets. They then aged the wine in old whiskey barrels. Has anyone ever tried this method. (bucket only) I did a little web search and found a site that sells eastern European oak...
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    WineXpert Eclipse Kit Mfg Date

    I just completed step #2 on the WE Eclipse OV Zinn. There was only one yeast packet I believe. (I'm writing from work and don't have my notes in front of me.) I was a little challenged with the temp requirement of 74 degrees. In my part of PA it has been around 20 degrees for the past week...
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    Marking Carboys

    Have you considered DUCT TAPE ? I use it on my carboys; recording the date I began, wine type and batch number. The batch number matches the folder number I assign to each batch. After I bottle, I stick the duct tape on the wooden wine rack to easily identify the different bottles. I just...
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    Heat Gun and Shrink Caps

    7000 feet only affects you if you are debating. Thats the excuse most heard. I use a heat gun at middle range. I wrap a wire thru the top loop and hang it from a cabinet door handle. That way I can move the bottle around, in and out or up and down while holding the top of the foil in...
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    WineXpert Selection International Ausie Petit Verdot

    Just read your post on the Petit Verdot. I was inititally disapointed with my PV as well. However, after 26 months I am impressed. The wine is fantastic. My only disapointment is that I began using it to top off newer batches. What a waste. My wife was very impressed as well and could not...
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    Thanks for all of the responses. Your insight has been very helpful. I will probably go the 5 gal. carboy route. After reading about some of the experiences with marbles, plus the China factor, the smaller quantity seems to be the best solution. In response to EdwardLongShanks question: I...
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    I haven't lost them, I'm looking for them. Up until yesterday Sunday 7-10, I made only Winexpert kits. I went to a different retailer, one closer to home and would you believe it, they offered tastings. The wife and I tasted a RJ Spagnols Temoraro??, It was great, I was shocked when they...
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    WineXpert Italian Primitivo; wheres my bung

    Forgot to mention that, good catch. I did degass, I pulled out the old electric drill and stirred things up.
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    WineXpert Italian Primitivo; wheres my bung

    I checked it three days in a row, and the sg was 0.094 and 0.090 respectively. I moved into the third step by adding the clearing agents, stirred it in and topped them off. Now I will sit back and wait. I did take a taste; very good, a little thick, but the promise seems great. Once it...
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    WineXpert Italian Primitivo; wheres my bung

    Thanks for the info. I checked mine this morning and the "B" batch is just about done bubbling. I will take a reading (SG) tomorrow and if it is in range I will go to step #3. I am curious about a potential difference between the two batches. If I find much variation, I might just combine...
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    WineXpert Italian Primitivo; wheres my bung

    I checked both batches this morning; A is just sitting quietly doing nothing at all, B is still bubbling away. Its amazing I make both batches side by side, every move was identical, yet I see two different reactions. It will be interesting to see how they turn out. BTW; the inverted bung...
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    WineXpert Italian Primitivo; wheres my bung

    You are probably correct. The instruction sheet called for the racking at SG 1.010 so I decided to follow. The fermentation was still active so hopefully it will help reduce the damage if the bung blows again. Once I inserted the airlock it started bubbling like crazy. I guess the...
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    WineXpert Italian Primitivo; wheres my bung

    This morning the two batches of WE Italian Primitivo Kit I am making reached SG 1.010, so I decided to rack them into their respective carboys for secondary. Things were going well until I could not find the proper sized bung for the second vessel. I took a solid bung and inverted it and...
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    What goes first in the barrel

    Barrels I just racked 6 gallons of WE SL Merlot into bottles. The wine sat in a carboy for 16 1/2 months, then in a 5 gallon barrel for 1 1/2 months. We tasted both the wine from the barrel and the remaining wine in the .375 bottles and could taste the difference. The barreled wine was...
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    WineXpert Selection Original Barolo

    Oaking I have been eligle for sr discounts for quite a while. It really doesn't matter how old either of us is, what matters is how much we enjoy wine/life. I enjoy them both and hope you do as well. The good wine first. Ron
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    WineXpert Selection Original Barolo

    Oak Aging Tom, You have the patience. Letting Amorne sit 6 years before drinking. You must be a lot younger then me. I think two years will be my limit. I have a few batches that will be two years old this spring, so I am looking forward to a great summer. I was glad to hear the...
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    WineXpert Selection Original Barolo

    Barolo I recently bottled my Barolo after aging it in a carboy for 1 yr. I tasted it during the bottling; it was great. I am going to let it sit for another 12 months before drinking, if I can wait that long. I did not oak it, I just followed the WE instructions. I am however oaking...
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    SL Marlot aging in a barrel

    SL Merlot aging in a barrel Thanks for the responses. I do like the oak flavor and wanted to try aging in a barrel. When I racked into the barrel I had enough wine left over to fill 8 splits. My original intent was to taste on a monthly basis and use the splits to top-off if necessary...
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    SL Marlot aging in a barrel

    I have been aging the WE;SL Merlot in a carboy since 8-15-10. This Christmas one of my sons gave me a 5 gal. American Oak barrel for aging. The information with the barrel states that aging is increased by 8 to 10 times over normal aging. I racked the Merlot into the barrel(preped it first)...