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    Anybody ship their wine to friends?

    I never shipped wine:i, but I have however shipped several bottles of fruit juice:h. It goes something like this. It has to be inside a liquid tight container with enough absorbent material to be able to absorb the amount of liquid in the bottle. after this is done I line a suitable box with a...
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    old labels

    I have one of those big tubs with rope handles. I fill it with standing bottles, sprinkle a 1/2 cup of oxi clean and use a garden hose fill all the bottles then the tub with hot water. Most fall off in a couple of days.
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    Degassing made Easy (Video)

    Put a 1 gal drilled rubber stopper inside the top of a drilled medium universal carboy stopper. It is a perfect fit. Then just hold the unit on the top of that and press the button.
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    Degassing made Easy (Video)

    I have been using one of those battery powered vacuum sealers from Reynolds and has been doing a good job at a reasonable price. Not quit the power but it gets the job done.
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    Strawberry Jam

    Here is a recipe I have used in the past and had good luck with.
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    Taboo subject?

    Thanks . You have giving me something to think about, You see after making that batch of teaberry wine it turned out so well I decided to put that in my privet stock. The chances of finding them again in that quantities again may very well never happen again. Although I have been inundated...
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    Taboo subject?

    I was at a supply house the other day picking up a hundred liquor bags when a display on the wall caught my eye. it was quarts and gallons of artificial flavoring for commercial ice-cream machines and snow cone machines. Some of the flavors I have been looking fore in nature but thus fair no...
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    Reporting from Harrisburg PA is our onsite reporter TeamKA.

    Welcome Team. I am from up around Lock Haven Pa. Did you happen to make it to the Pa farm show? Judging from the wine results there must have been a lot of competition there.
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    What was I thinking?! my wine is too sweet??

    You could add potassium sorbet But the reaction time may not be exact and fermentation may continue for some time. It may also be possible to use a low alcohol tolerance yeast. If you can get it started because if the initial sugar shock a starter may be in order. But at 1.180 nether would...
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    What was I thinking?! my wine is too sweet??

    That happened to me once. so I put strawberries with it and doubled the volume and made a double batch of cherry/strawberry wine, and it turned out excellent. just review the recipes for both and combine them. and add ingredients according to your total gallons you have Just saying it is...
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    white flowers at top of wine

    Even though the flowering doesn't appear to be happening in the barrel, I would say the conditions are such that it could happen rather fast. How many gallon is in the barrel? Is it possible to rack it over to jugs? I am thinking a fast transfer and sulfating can save your wine. The barrel would...
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    Peach wine - what do I do now?

    Peach has allays been a hard one to clear for me. it usually take's close to a year. I just sulfate it once in a while during that time.
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    white flowers at top of wine

    This sounds like a condition called flowering. It is an infection of sorts. best to sulfate the wine put in a carboy and 1 crushed campden dissolved in water per gallon should do the trick then refit the airlock and keep an eye on it. I am sure others will be around to give more input.
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    weak color

    If you have them, throw in a handful of dried elderberries. will also give it body and make it look a whole lot better. Raisins will also work but would my second choice.
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    »Juicer« Pros and Cons..???

    How do you think a squeezo strainer would work for apple must? as long as you use a fine sparging bage that is. I also have access to a grinder/ciderpress.
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    adding sugar

    Sounds like it's ready to transfer to a carboy and fit it with an airlock. Stabilizing and back sweetening will be a few months down the road after it has cleared right before you get ready to bottle.
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    Yeast for Fruit Wines

    I prefer the lalvin EC1118 champagne yeast. It's bullet proof, I never had it fail.
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    Can you help me ID these?

    I am by no means a expert on grapes. But judging purely from the size my guess would be Concord. If you mash some down in a pan and cook them a bit then strain them Does the juice taste like Welshes? you may have to sweeten them a bit for this.
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    Elderberry extract

    Sounds like you got a good start. Keep us posted on how its going. Sorry about the hydrometer thing. Like Wade said Bummer.
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    Elderberry extract

    Ok. First a hydrometer is used for Calculating alcohol through a mathematical calculation of sugar drop. So if its a long glass thing with a weighted bulb on one end. Put it in and tell me what reading you get? 1.090 to 1.100 would be an ideal range. I usually Drop in one crushed campden...