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    WineXpert Winexpert LE16

    Cab Franc is a must for me...I'll do the two whites as well...
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    WineXpert LE Nebbiolo Vs Eclipse Nebbiolo

    I drank half my lot between 6-9 a year it turns a bit...waiting a few more months to see if it comes back...should have drank it all LOL!!!
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    WineXpert Winexpert LE16

    Grenache Cab is the only one that comes with skins...
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    WineXpert Winexpert LE16

    Just got this email... Cabernet Franc Release date: January 2017 There is a good reason to celebrate this grape on its own. It can tread the line between fruit and spice notes magnificently with ripe raspberry and red currant dancing around with black pepper and fresh mint leaf. There...
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    WineXpert LE 15 Barbara

    At 6 months the Eclipse Nebbiolo is amazing *hick* :)
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    WineXpert A Tale of Three Pinots, Early Taste Test Results

    Christmas is over...happen to have a new update for us?? :)
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    WineXpert Winexpert LE15

    Again...a comment like this was not called for...get your facts's not price's Minimum ADVERTISED Pricing…doesn’t mean that you are going to “pay” that price…as stated by some other fine folks…it’s simply a way of making the playing field even between internet sellers...
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    WineXpert Winexpert LE15

    YOUR LE15 WINES ARE: January 2016 Barbera Piedmont, Italy * One of Italy's most famous wine regions * Situated at the base of the Alps * Piemonte in Italian means "at the foot of the mountains" * Continental climate with hot growing season Tasting Notes * Higher acidity, lower...
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    WineXpert Selection Spanish Tempranillo w/Grape Skins

    This kit is great...will make it again!! I've even made the World Vineyard Tempranillo and it stood up very well to a 7 year old Anciano...
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    WineXpert Eclipse Forza

    Gail at WE told me it was like: It is a big, bold red. It is a blend similar to a Super Tuscan. If was comparing it to an Amarone or Valpolicella it is more along the lines of an Amarone.
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    WineXpert What's wrong with my basement?

    Temp to high maybe??? Mine always clear with no issues on time...never use heat...upstairs when making and once the clearing agents are added the carboy goes downstairs...which is usually around 20C...
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    WineXpert WineXpert email address?

    When I contacted them about the LE Super Tuscan here was the reply addy: [email protected]
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    WineXpert New pricing coming June 1 for WE kits

    That's where we are headed and that is insane!!! I truly honestly feel bad for you!! I have to operate three wife and I run different work schedules and I have to licence my son's car...if I had to safety every year like you I could not afford to do so...
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    WineXpert Eclipse Barolo Oak question...

    Done deal...thanks guys!!!!
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    WineXpert Eclipse Barolo Oak question...

    I just picked up this kit yesterday and started it...I did add in the oak powder but I'm considering not adding in the oak cubes later on... Anyone have opinions on this?? It's just because I'm not a huge oak fan but considering I've never had a Barolo before I'm not sure how that would...
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    WineXpert Interesting comparison....

    Damn...gonna have to grab one for sure then!!!
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    WineXpert Interesting comparison....

    Left the glasses the way they were...hour and a half later...smell is getting closer...the Anciano has a smoother texture... My wife...not a wine person at all...had her smell and a small taste...she thought they were the same wine in both glasses...again...she's not a wine person LOL!! I...
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    WineXpert Interesting comparison....

    So...I stumbled upon a bottle of Anciano 7 Year Tempranillo...picked it up out of province at a super good sale price...$8.95 compared to $15.99 locally... I decided to crack open a bottle of my one year old World Vineyard Spanish Tempranillo for comparison... A couple of things off the...
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    WineXpert LE Shiraz Viognier - Australia???

    Well...I picked up the Shiraz/'s been a long time since I had a French styled blend in my cellar so I figured why not :D Thanks kindly for all the insight guys...much appreciated!!!
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    WineXpert LE Shiraz Viognier - Australia???

    Interesting...thank you!! And yes...I've had both and enjoyed both... I was actually down at the local yesterday...was looking at the Eclipse Pinot Noir or the Zin...seeing I haven't had a taste of either in over 20 years I decided to splurge and go buy a bottle of each...picked up a Gnarley...