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    Hi everybody!

    Heh- it seemed more like jello mix to me. I got it from a weird little beer & wine supply/antique shop. I succeeded in making alcohol, but it tasted more like cough medicine and had a weird fetus/brain type growth floating in the middle. I wouldn't have tried it but I was bullied into it...
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    Real Fruit Wine SG reading?

    Hi I've made a few juice wines before and was easily able to take an SG reading. However...I'm trying my first batch with real fruit and I've read you are supposed to keep in mind the potential sugar when you take that first reading. My question is, what kind of numbers are we talking...
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    Hi everybody!

    Been lurking for awhile. There is some valuable info in these pages, thank you! I started experimenting in 2005, first with a batch of "Wonder Wine", then with a ready to order kit from an online store. The Wonder Wine was not so wonderful, in fact after choking down a swallow or two I just...