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    Portuguese floor corker use??

    Also the handle in the pictures is as high as I can get it.
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    Portuguese floor corker use??

    Sure, are these pictures good enough? The cork seems to be just slightly too big to fit between the squeeze plates.
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    Portuguese floor corker use??

    I recently just bought a Portuguese floor corker off of Amazon and #9 corks to go along with it. The description on Amazon says the corker can be used for #8 and #9 corks. However, upon testing the corker with dry corks to see if it works I cannot get the #9 corks to fit in the top of the...
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    Unknown Circulating Substance?

    My girlfriend and I are trying to make wine for a first time using an old recipe from her grandpa. How ever, a few days after we racked the wine and put it into a carboy with an airlock, we noticed the wine had pieces of this spongy material growing and circulating inside of it. We were...