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    I just bought a Buon Vino Mini Jet filter and was wondering befor filtering wine should I wash and sanitise the pump? In the instructions it just say to run clean water to wash it. Does anyone else have this pump and could tell me the way they do it?
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    RJ Spagnols Need Help

    The temperature is 70 degrees, the hydrometer is calibrated for 68 degrees. From the paper I received with it at 70 it should stay the same.
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    RJ Spagnols Need Help

    Started a RJ Spagnols Grand Cru International Collection Malbec red wine kit. As per the instruction I transfered from primary to a glass carboy after 6 days, my gravity reading was then 1.012. The instruction stated after 6 to 8 days and a gravity of 1.020 or lower. After that I had to wait...