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    Hello from NW Michigan!

    Another Michigander Welcome to the forum.
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    trouble fermenting cranberry must

    I've made a lot of cranberry wine in the past (my favorite) and every time I've used a food processor. I've typically used Montrachet yeast for this wine and it's always taken off slow and sometimes stops a bit early. A good yeast starter with some must, sugar and yeast nutrient usually does the...
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    Apple Wine Question

    I wouldn't worry too much about the water. That can be added later if you'd like to top off or for an adjustment. As far as the yeast, I like Cote's De Blanc. I've used Lalvin EC1118 in the past but had better luck with the Cotes. Leave some decent head space in your primary. I've found...
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    Pear question

    Well everybody I'd like to thank you all for the wonderful advice. Luc, I'd hardly call myself a Pro. LOL :) Just before Christmas, I pressed 50 Gallon of Pear and 150 Gallon of Apple. I pre-mixed some Potassium Metabisulphite and added it a littlle at a time to the main pump tank as it came...
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    Pear question

    I need some help. (That's what my wife tells me anyway. :dg) I made a batch of Pear a year ago, and it turned brown and I could not get it back. Bummer. Here's where I'm at today......... I am in the transition of from only making wine at home to making wine for comercial sales at an...
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    Hello from Romeo Michigan

    Thanks for the warm welcome everybody I appreciate it.
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    Hello from Romeo Michigan

    Hi everyone. This place looks like a wealth of information. I've been making wine now for a few years at home and enjoying it very much. I hope to be able to help out whenever I can, but I'm no expert. Sometime when it comes to wine making, I wonder if I ever will be! :)