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    WineXpert German Muller Thurgau

    Winexpert Muller Thurgau, the rest of the story This is a Selection International WE kit. From my previous posts you will note it did not clear per kit instructions after adding the isinglass on day 16. On day 25 about the top 1/3 of the carboy was clear and below was cloudy. We racked into...
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    Getting the answer you want fast!

    Wine Conditioners, what is it? Background: I'm a newbie to the home wine making world. Just bottled our first batch--a Winexpert Kit: Muller Thurgau (sort of a Reisling). It's been fun! Question: My (limited) understanding of a wine conditioner is it's something added to the wine just...
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    RJ Spagnols Orchard Breezin Sangria W/Seville Orange

    Added sugar and initial SpGr Robie: I'll forget to ask you in person: do you recall how much sugar you added to the initial must and the SpGr after adding the sugar? Thinking about adding sugar to the Zinfandel Blush kit that's next in line to start, so that info might be helpful. Nancy & Bob
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    WineXpert German Muller Thurgau

    Mueller Thergau kit problems clearing This is our first kit. We are on day 24 (8 days after adding the isinglass clarifier) and it is not cleared. The upper 1/3 of the car boy is clear, but lower 2/3 is still hazy and lots of sediment on bottom of carboy. Per kit instructions it should be...