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    Has anyone ever used Amoretti Blood orange purée to make wine?

    I know, from posts online, that it’s used as a flavor additive in brewing mainly but I bought it for $2 and figured I’d add it to a wine recipe at some point. But, even though it was cheap, I don’t want to waste it making something I’ll regret making (like goji berry wine from dried goji...
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    Has anyone ever used Amoretti Blood orange purée to make wine?

    Ok, so I’ve made wine and beads from all sorts of ingredients. From sour patch candy to many different fruits. I ended getting a gallon of Blood orange purée made by Amoretti VERY cheap. I know it’s used to flavor in brewing, after fermentation is finished, but has anyone ever used it as a...
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    Fruit flies

    I use sticky glue traps (the kind commonly used for spiders, mice, etc). I just put one on top of each cloth covering my primaries and dribble a few drops of wine (or juice) onto the middle of the trap. I’m always surprised at how many of those little boogers are flying around and get stuck on...
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    Sour Patch Kids - The Wine!

    I am hoping that you are still active on this forum. I wanted to ask about this sour patch wine and how it turned, taste wise, in the end. Did it retain the sour patch flavor? Did you back sweeten? If so, how much? And would you have changed anything? I have 5 pounds of lime sour patch...
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    Brewing with Chocolate

    well it is definitely a good idea to follow the wife's directions (!) and.....if it turns out bad, take the blame on something that you did.....
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    Brewing with Chocolate

    thank you for your reply!! Please keep the post updated on your progress, taste, etc.. I'm very interested in your recipe and results. I can't stand finding a post here on a recipe or mixture that I want to try and discover that it is older and has no posts about results.
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    Brewing with Chocolate

    Raptor99 how did your cherry chocolate wine turn out so far? I really want to get this batch started but I sure as heck do want to use the best and most up to date experiences/knowledge/recipes available. This will be close to my most expensive batch at a dollar a box for 6.5 oz of choc...
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    Brewing with Chocolate

    I've actually got a couple of small batches of "tea wine" working using some flavored tea mixes that I bought at a bargain price. They have interesting flavor profiles in between primary and secondary. One had dried dates and all kinds of other goodies in the mix, it tastes very nice so far...
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    Brewing with Chocolate

    wondering how fermentation is going on your batch? I am wanting to start a cherry chocolate batch asap. I have a case of choc. covered cherries that I'm working on a recipe for 5 gallons on and am taking notes from what everyone else has tried/experienced. I like your batch in that you added...
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    Martina’s Lavender Wine

    ok I know that this post is ancient but I'm hoping that you can post your recipe and results for the mums wine..... I love putting a new and unusual recipe in my schedule for making, especially if they raise the eyebrow of my dad, who taught me how to make wine. Thanks! B in SE Missouri