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    Pear - pulpy

    I like running pear in large barrels using the pulp method. I pull the cap off after 3 days and run through a fine strainer (Amazon) that fits on a 5 gallon bucket. I usually get about 50 percent yield, about 12 pounds per gallon....pure juice! About 75 percent of the racked wine is pretty...
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    Barrel aging cider

    .My neighbor and I pressed about 300 gallons of Apple and pear cider. He is aging in oak whiskey barrels. Anyone have experience aging cider in oak? What was the result?
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    Pear - pulpy

    Shoulder surgery this year, so my neighbor helped me crush and ferment 1200 pounds of pears into wine and cider on pulp in 55 gallon drums. Stir for 3 days, skim every day, and rack. We always strain the last 10 gallons through a straining bag....although it is good for 25 gallons of wine or...
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    2013 Elderberries

    I was given and processed 200 pounds of Bing and Ranier cherries. Never thought of a cherry elderberry. I was thinking of an elderberry blueberry. We have a blueberry pear going right now as the last fresh batch of the year!
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    2013 Elderberries

    My wife and I picked, processed, and froze until we ran out time. We never went to pick from "the mother load", a 10 acre parcel I spied during spring bloom. No idea how much we processed until I pulled them out to ferment. Seems we had froze 127 pounds. 6 gallons of blackberry elderberry, and...
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    I'm fortunate to have friends with orchards. So far we've made 3 trips for pears . First trip was 300 pounds of clap specials. 20 gallons of pure pear juice wine and 4 gallons of hard pear cider. The second trip was 400 pounds of Bartlett. Wine, pear blueberry hard cider, and canned Brandy...
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    Orange blossom mead

    I ran OBM in 2009. It took 2 years to mature. I still have a few left. It's really good!
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    Blueberry Port

    I made this recipe 4 years ago. It is fruity and wonderful.
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    Hello again

    I's been a while. Moving and remodeling sure can limit winemaking! Shoulder operation is going torestrict my remodeling efforts, so I'm going try one armed wine making. thanks....bob
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    pear wine recipe

    It was a very good (2011) year at a friends orchard. My wife and I picked up (drops) 350 pounds of Clapp Special pears. We sorted into two batches. Ripe and ready to ferment, and needs a few day before being ready. I added a little less than 3 cups of water per gallon of racked wine...
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    Banana wine

    I added 2 pounds of rhubarb using Luc's freezing process to my banana. It turned out wonderful. A light white wine with the hint of banana....and the rhubarb popping out as it slipped past your tongue. I definately need to make a 6 gallon batch this spring when the rhubarb is back in season.
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    Blackberry or Blueberry Port

    I started blueberry port in August of 2009. Using JK's recipe for starters and made an F-back from the juice of canned blueberries. Fortified to 18% using brandy, and tucked away for 2 years. Good thing I had lot's of other wine! My wife has put it on the no give away list...first time...
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    Can You Use Slightly Over Ripe Fruit?

    I was fortunate and was gifted 350 pounds of Clapp Special pears in various stages of ripeness last fall. I sorted washed, trimmed the fruit, ran it through the fruit grinder, and fermented. A week later repeated the process. 36 gallons of pear are now aging. Good thing alot of my friends like...
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    Blueberry - Topping Off With Brandy

    In 2009 my wife and I had an awesome fruit gathering year. Over 600 pounds of just pears, so we made 124 gallons of wine. The blueberry port was tucked away for aging, and opened to celebrate Dad's 80th birthday. I was fortunate to "find" 1000 pounds of canned blueberries, so I opened...
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    Blueberry - Topping Off With Brandy

    I added 20% brandy by volume to my 6 pound per gallon blueberry after I added the f-pack. After aging 2.5 years it's officially listed on the no share list.
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    Rhubarb Wine

    I used bananas to build body in my rhubard. The final product had the hint of banana on the tongue, with the rhubarb grabbing the back of your throat on the way by. It was very good! Unfortunately I made just two gallons and it didnt last long (-:. Looking forward to next spring for more...
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    Frozen Rhubarb

    I made a two gallon test batch of Banana Rhubarb using Luc's method of reducing acid. I've moved, and not located my notes yet. Although I do remember it contained 5 pounds of banana mash and three pounds of rhubarb per gallon. After processing the rhubarb, I needed to add acid blend to reach...
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    Grapefruit Wine ??

    Sorbates could be an issue. Check the can... M&D are snowbirds, so I pick, squeeze, and freeze for the trip home to Maine. Works everytime.
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    Grapefruit Wine ??

    I've made it multiple times...always from the juice of fresh fruit. Pulp is ok...just remove all the pith.
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    Fortify Port

    We just opened a 2009 blueberry port to celebrate Dad's 80th birthday. If I remember it was 6 pounds per gallons of fruit, an f-pack, and a bunch of brandy to reach 18%, and 18 months in the rack. I was informed the remaining 15 bottles were not to be shared. First time thats ever happened...