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    give wine as a gift??

    May not be the right place to ask the question: I'm jus a guy who makes wine, and not a "Licensed" winery. Can I donate to charities for auctions? or donate to people without getting in trouble. I don't ask for or expect remuneration of any kind. Anyone no the legalities of giving away...
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    Wine in a beer bottle?

    Every batch of wine or mead I bottle, I fill at least 4 beer bottles. I use them as tasters for friends. Sometimes they get a large bottle and don't like. All of my wifes margarita wine goes into beer bottles D
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    Some rules of thumb for winemaking

    Don't be afraid to experiment What's the worst that could happen? It might turn out good Reference: The Milk Wine experiment D :dg
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    Wine Making kits Suggestions

    Not sure where the proper place to post this is, so here goes. We've been making Wine Expert kits for about 8 months now and would like to try other kit manufactures We Noticed that there are multiple wine kit makers but our LHB only carries WE. Has anyone compiled a list of the...
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    What are you making and what have you made ???

    Just Bottled: 5 gal green Apple Reisling 5 gal White Zinfandel In secondary: 5 gal chocolate mead 5 gal Pear Wine 1 gal Blueberry wine 1 gal blueberry melomel 1 gal blueberry honey mead 1 gal cranberry honey mead 1 gallon Southern Belle honey mead In Primary: 6 gallons Welches...
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    Water Levels

    I've got the ribbed one. I marked off 6 gallons and will just use that Thanks for the help, I'll keep my eyes open for one of the Mexican 6's D
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    What water do you use to make your wine?

    Why not use "soft water" My water runs through a Culligan water softener and I haven't noticed any adverse affect however we're new to this and still learning. Why not use soft water D
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    Water Levels

    Just bottled two kits: Green Apple reisling and White Zinfandel both of which turned out wonderful. I made a mistake in my first kit, an Oregon Pinot gris, by adding too much water, I used a 7 1/2 gallon carboy and filled it all the way up (noob mistake) Bought and used a 23 litre carboy...
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    SWMBO likes it!

    So did I, I knew it meant Wife or SO but not exactly :ib
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    Brew day

    I'm home alone today so decided to brew some of the wines and meads I've got ingredients for. What I'll be doing: 1 can of Vintner's Harvest Pear fruit wine base Will be setting three gallons of pear wine. My first non-kit, non-welches grape juice wine. 1 can of Vintner's Harvest...
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    Hello from Central Texas

    Thanks for the welcome. The Chocolate Mead is Over the top. We've got an entire Thread over at HBT with the experiment. We tries six different chocolates and found one we liked. So we (my partner and I) each started a five gallon batch, mine is to original recipe my partner substituted...
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    Hello from Central Texas

    Been over on HBT for a couple years. My focus has been primarily Mead but recently transitioned to wines. I've made 30+ batches of mead, with my favorite being a Cranberry/Spiced Apple. In wines I've done a Welches White, White grape/Cherry and a Vinters Reserve Pinot Gris Currently in...