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    selection kits

    hi again thanks for the fast response im quite new to using these kits i realy like the way the kits are marketed but the price here in the uk is about £105 which isnt cheap but recently i made 2 kits from the kenridge series showcase amarone and legacy merlot these kits have 16l of juice...
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    selection kits

    thanks for the quick advise ill definatley take this onbored have you made any of the kits from selection if so how do they taste im especially intrested in the creshendo line
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    selection kits

    Hi there First time on forum. Question, has anyone started wine kits (selection) and matured in oak barrels after intital fermentation, any adivce on whether to leave out oak packs or include them. Advice would be greatly appericated. Also how long would you suggest leaving the wine in the...