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    Adding yeast after filtering

    I'm currently in the proces of making 20L Elderflower cider, I want to make 10L of Sparkling en 10L still. Now I accidentally put the fill 20L through a filter (MK4 Filter Pads 000 Sterile). I'm quite certain I filtered most if not all yeast, can I add new yeast through half of my batch before...
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    Brewing bottle vs Brewing bucket

    Thank I will get some 23L buckets and some extra bottles, thanks for your help!
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    Brewing bottle vs Brewing bucket

    I currently have an issue with to few (empty) bottles and some wines which have to be made. I do have two 20L buckets, but i have always thought buckets were less good, as there is more space for air/oxygen, which is bad for the wine. Will it greatly affect the wine (negatively) or can I use...
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    Sudden second fermentatie?

    So would you recommend to add twice?
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    Sudden second fermentatie?

    I have added sulfites at the start of the proces
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    leaking Fermentation lock

    I'm making 30L of wine and during my holiday (3 weeks) it has been fermenting. When I returned home, I noticed that one lock had an equal water level, meaning fermentation would be over, the other were still fermenting though. After some good inspection, the level of wine in the one that was...
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    Sudden second fermentatie?

    About 5 month's ago I got my self enough elderflower to make 20L of cider. End of august it looked like the fermentation was over, I added bentonite to clear my wine. The instruction said it would need to rest for a month before botteling. I just wanted to do that, but I was suprised to see...
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    Slowjuicer to press grapes

    I totally forgot about this question, until I asked myself the same question today. I don't think it wil crack all the seeds, but i'm sure some will be cracked.
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    Can I add a roseleaf to wine/cider wich contains Sulfite

    This week I got myself enough elderflower to make 20L of wine/cider, because I didn't pour hot/cooking water over the elderflower (can I do this in the future?), I was afraid and to be sure I put in 2gr sulfite. I wanted to add 1 or 2 rose flower leaves while bottling, but I came across some...
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    Slowjuicer to press grapes

    Earlier this year I bought a slowjuicer to get enjoy fresh fruitjuices. I'm wondering if this could be a great way to press grapes and get optimal amount of juice, what do you guys think?
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    Hydrometer value 996, but still fermenting

    One more question, I followed the recipe so after fermenting I stir it for a few times waited and repeated that for 2-3 times. But reading on the internet this is maybe not enough to get the CO2 out of the wine. Can I after the wine has cleared stir more and for how long should I be doing this?
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    Can I use my dishwasher to steralize bottles?

    My dishwasser can go up to 70 degrees celsius, it that enough to clean my bottles or should I stick by hand cleaning them? I'm planning not to use soap, just the hot water.
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    Hydrometer value 996, but still fermenting

    I'm making my first wine from grapes and i'm using a kit for this. After 7 days the fermenting should have been done, but it could take up to 2 weeks to complete (depending on temperature and such things). Well those 2 weeks have passed and there were no bubbles left in the wine and in the...
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    Second time Foam in bottle during fermentation

    Hi all, I'm new to making wine, last year I started making ciders, for my birthday I got a package with real grape juice (Bards Blends), which would be ready within 7 days. We are actually 8 days further and the fermentation is still going strong, but it's not the optimal temperature in my...